Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A mini vaca, a very valuable Christmas card lesson and my overactive child

The last few days have flown by! Walker and I went to my parents for the weekend so my mom and I could do some Christmas shopping and so I could get some much needed relief!!!!!!!! Growing up I always wanted to be one of those "soccer moms" and now that I am one, well I guess it's more like a diaper mom or bottle mom, I have a whole new respect for them! I just thought they spent their days getting manicures, playing a little tennis, making daily drive thrus at Starbucks, picking up the dry cleaning, etc.... Boy, I was WRONG! I'm sure their are those that do this but they are either married to very wealthy men or they neck deep in credit card debt! I have never worked so hard in my life trying to keep one person happy! At the clinic where I worked I was the only x-ray tech taking & running x-rays, I helped run tests in the lab, performed nursing duties, helped out in the front office, catered to 4 unappreciative physicians and performed numerous other duties that were not in my job description for 40 plus hours a week and that job was nothing compared to working for Walker Banks Rushing! Now don't get me wrong I LOVE staying home with my sweet baby but just like with any job you need a vacation every once in awhile! So Walker and I go to my parents! It is there that I get uninteruppted sleep, diaper changes are limited, rarely do I have to fix a bottle and the I only way I know he has been bathed is because his hair is wet ,all thanks to my wonderful mother! She does everything and loves every minute she spends with, as she calls him, "her precious little angel". We then came home to finish Christmas shopping and get as much done as possible before this weekend gets here! It was a much needed break but at the same time it was also wonderful to come back home and have Walker all to myself and to see Marc!
This is my first year to send out Christmas cards so I ordered 40 only to run out before I could send them to all of our relatives! I saved 7 and have been sending them to friends as I recieve their cards. This may be tacky but it's the only way I knew to do it without hurting anyones feelings. I now have 1 left!!! So to anyone who didn't recieve a Christmas card from us please do not be offened! We love all of our freinds and family! I posted a pic of our card in hopes that it will cut down on the mean looks and cold shoulders I am destined to encounter over the next few weeks!! I hope I don't go to jail for posting it with all the copyright laws now! LOL! It was done by Callie Buckley! She is great photographer with unbelievable prices! Next year I will know to order more!
Anyone who has ever spent more than 10 minutes with my child knows that he is VERY active to say the least! Walker never stops moving, NEVER! I know what your thinking, 'Oh my child is or was the same way'. No you don't understand he is go, go, go twenty four hours a day! He was rolling over at 5 1/2 weeks old and army crawling by the time he was 5 1/2 months old. Walker has not even mastered sitting up without supporting himself with one arm because he won't be still long enough to try! So Walker has decided that 7 months of age he wants to see the world from a different view, a much higher view! Two days ago Walker started pulling up on everything! He now wants to stand! I woke up this morning to find him trying to stand up and crawl over me! I guess he was growing impatient and was just going to go fix his bottle himself! The only problem is that our hearth on the fireplace is the only thing in the house that is just the right height for him to pull up on! I knew he was going to start this and that he would begin to walk and I was looking forward to all of these things but I never thought it would happen this soon! He amazes me each and everyday! To watch this precious baby grow and change is more fun and more rewarding than anything I have ever experienced. I always have known that we have an amazing God but it wasn't until Walker was born that I realized just how incredible God is! As Christmas draws closer I am reminding myself that He truly is the reason for the season!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Counting the days until Santa arrives

I always look forward to Christmas but this year is different! This will be Walker's first Christmas! I have been so busy picking out his gifts that I almost forgot to buy gifts for everyone else. I have also hidden all of his gifts so that he can't see them! HA! Actually, Marcus caught me letting Walker play with some of his Christmas presents so he decided that the gifts should be hidden from me not Walker. I started decorating before Thanksgiving because I couldn't wait to see how he would react to the tree, especially since he loved all the trees at Fads and Frames, well he paid zero attention to it for a couple of days and then he found it! He tried to eat every branch and light bulb he could get his hands on! I decided that I should put presents under the tree to cut down on the risk of electrocution...bad idea! He now goes for every present under the tree and at lightening speed! I am loving every minute of it! I posted a few pics of him, the tree and him performing a sneak attack on the presents.

Thank you Lauren!

I knew someone would come to my rescue! Thanks to Lauren I now have a fancy background! Now if I can just remember how to move the pics around when I put up a new post and I really want to change my header. I will work that more today and update later tonight. I just might get the hang of this!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Blogging or the lack thereof

OK I have not posted a blog since July and I apologize! My wonderful sister-in-law set this blog up for me and I have not maintained it like I should have! I am sorry Alana! Please forgive me! I guess now that our Sunday school class is going to be using a blog I need to put a little more effort into my own.
Walker is 7 months old! I can't believe it! It seems like over night he went from this tiny helpless baby to an independent little boy! Alot has happened since my last blog so I'm not going to try to fill in every detail of the last few months but here are a few that are worth mentioning!
By 4 months of age Walker was rolling over, laughing, holding his own bottle, eating solid food and had gotten his first haircut! He was NOT sleeping through the night!
By 6 months of age Walker was saying Da-Da and good! He was crawling, using a sippy cup, sitting up by himself and had two teeth! He was NOT sleeping through the night!
Now here we are at 7 months! Walker is clapping and has almost figured out how to wave bye-bye! He is all over the place! He has discovered things in our home that I did not know existed!Walker loves to flirt! He also enjoys showing off in front of a crowd! He loves Moose A Moose on Noggin! He will stop whatever he is doing and just laugh when he hears Moose's voice. However, he is still NOT sleeping through the night!
I have tried everything! I even tried letting him cry it out! After one night of crying it out he was doing great and then he got an ear infection. It was all downhill after that. I just can't bring myself to let him cry now. I have just accepted the fact that I will not get eight straight hours of sleep until he is four or five years old and I am okay with that.
As I look back over the last seven months I laugh! Everything I said I would never do I have done...wasn't going to let him watch TV, never let him get off his "schedule"(what is a schedule anyway?), didn't want him to suck a pacifier and last but not least he was NOT going to sleep in the bed with us. Now, without Noggin or Baby Einstein I would never be able to shower, we have a routine which we often get out of, I would pay him to take a pacifier at 4 am(he refuses to take one unless it's been dipped in sweet tea) and just about every night you will find Walker right in the middle of OUR bed! I know I won't be up for the Mother of the Year award any time soon but I do know that I have a precious baby boy, who loves me unconditionally and has no idea that I am breaking every one of the Babywise rules! Our family is far from perfect but we couldn't be happier!
I guess my new years resolution will be to be a better blogger! I have no idea how to change the layout of my blog so if anyone can help me with I would appreciate it! I found the layouts on here but I want a cute background and don't know where to get it. I am computer illiterate!!!! I hope I can do better with my blog especially now that I know other "bloggers"!