Monday, December 28, 2009

A Christmas We Will Never Forget

Why will we never forget Christmas 2009? Is it because both sets of grandparents, two uncles and one of their girlfriends all came over to watch my baby open presents (talk about a baby who is loved), is it because my husband gave me a gift certificate to Aqua the Day Spa along with a letter that states how hard he knows I work taking care of Walker or because my child who has been walking since he was nine months old spent most of Christmas day crawling courtesy of the blisters on his feet thanks to the hand, foot and mouth virus? We will never forget this Christmas because of all of the above!
What a wonderful week minus two trips to the doctor, a diagnosis of strep, a shot of penicillin and finally discovering that Walker had hand, foot and mouth. I am sorry to complain but it took blaring Christmas music and a lot of praying to get me in the Christmas spirit this week. We did get to spend tons of time with our families and that to me is one of the best gifts of all. The look on my babies face when he saw all of his toys and almost the whole family in the den was priceless! I know that every year is going to get better and better. Walker finally got his "buddin, buddin" and a train table that he adored until I moved in the playroom. He played it with it non-stop while it was taking up the entire living room but once we moved into the playroom he has lost interest. He is now playing with the "buddin, buddin" that still resides in the den. He got a ton of other toys and I spent all day Saturday trying to decide if we should move old toys to the attic, buy a bigger house or just light a match a watch all this burn so we could start over fresh. After much deliberation it was decided that moving into a new home would be way too much trouble and setting it all on fire would result in a few years in prison while Walker lived with grandparents and acquired more toys than all 8,000 kids on the angel tree put together. So we opted for the attic and we are praying it doesn't cave in on us in the middle of the night.
I have all the decorations down and Walker is feeling so much better so life here is back to normal and couldn't be better. Hope your Christmas was merry and bright.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Joy To The World!

Although with all this rain I am struggling to be joyful! Sun please come back and shine down on our sweet little state! Thankyouverymuch! From this point on I will not apologize for not blogging. Let's face boils down to the fact that I am lazy and my computer doesn't always upload my to avoid over-working myself or saying four letter words that are frowned upon I have avoided the blog like the plague. Now that that's out of the way here is what we have been up to. I have been decorating for Christmas while Walker undecorates....I have been wrapping gifts while Walker unwraps gifts that don't belong to him.

We have attended three Christmas parties/family functions and have three more to go. Walker is loving all this attention he is getting. He is so full of himself and loves to be the center of attention. I can't imagine where he gets that from. Ahem!

We took Walker to see Santa at Bass Pro and after standing in line for forty five minutes and hearing Walker scream, "HO, HO!" he gets up there to meet Ol' Saint Nick and screams bloody murder. It was horrible and I am now forever grateful that he had a stomach bug and we had to miss our pictues with Santa at the Cupboard. That little bout with diarrhea saved me about thirty bucks and an ton of embarassment because there is no doubt he would have been just as petrified then. At least at Bass Pro the pics were free and we were able to haul booty out of there before anyone realized it was our kid that was screaming at the top of his lungs. Walker is determined that Santa is brining him a "budin, budin". I am not positive on how to spell it but basically he wants a battery operated John Deere Gator. That's all he wants. He wakes up from his nap asking for it, he goes to sleep asking for it, he asks for it when we are in the car, at the dinner table, he is ALWAYS asking for it! So to keep my sanity there is a good chance Santa is bringing it. I have almost taken the rest of his gifts back because I know that once he sees his "budin, budin" all will be right with the world, angels will sing and the other gifts will not matter. I will then spend the three days after Christmas outside while he rides in a circle and my sanity will be lost anyway. It's a lose-lose for me no matter what ;) We are looking forward to being with family and remembering the real reason for the season. I hope everyone will be doing the same. The greatest gift of all is the gift of everlasting life in heaven with our Father.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween 2009

I am so late posting this! Sorry grandparents! We had so much fun Halloween night! We went on a hayride with several of our friends and their children. Here are a few pics of our lil' stinker

I don't know why they are small! Sorry! I am too tired to try to figure it out or just reload them ;)

This was Walker and his friend Rachel last on Halloween!

This is a picture of them from this year!!!! They have grown so much!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What On Earth Did I Do To Deserve This?

Or this?

Or this?

I don't know why God blessed me with the most precious gift on earth but I am forever grateful. All I ever wanted to be was Walker's mom. I just didn't know until 18 months ago.
That's right a week from Saturday my sweet boy will be a year and a half old! Where did the time go? There are moments when I swear he hates me and there are days I threaten to send him to live with his grandparents for a few hours ;)But for the most part I never knew that 30 inches of pure absolute cuteness could bring me so much joy! Walker is learning so much and changing so fast. He can do too many animal sounds to name(my personal favorite being the rooster. It says, "cock a doo doo"), point and name almost all of his body parts(even the ones I wish he wouldn't name), he is starting to actually play with toys and thanks to many hours of the Outdoor Channel, he has learned how to aim a gun and yell, "POW, POW!!!" as loud as he can. I love watching his little imagination take off. Today he came home from MDO and told me, his daddy and the dog to, "Sit Down!" all while pointing his finger. I bet his sweet teachers have to tell him that at least 100,000 times a day. I look forward to every morning because I know the day with be filled with something new he has learned. For whatever reason God blessed me with Walker I am not worthy but I thank the dear Lord for him every day. I am Walker's mom and that is all I have ever wanted to be!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Who's Your Daddy?

I'm pretty sure it's obvious who Walker's daddy is, not that we ever questioned it to begin with it!!! Uh-Oh let the rumors begin ;) This is a picture of Marc when he was six and a picture of Walker on his first birthday. I will make a small wager that on Walker's sixth birthday it will be almost impossible to tell them apart. I also learned tonight after watching a home video of Marc's sixth birthday that Walker also has Marc's attitude and temper. For the last few months I have been plagued with guilt because I thought Walker had mine. After watching Marc throw three different temper tantrums in less than fifteen minutes it's safe to say,"like father, like son".

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What Day Is It?

So I haven't blogged in almost a month! WHOOPS!!!! I should really do better. Especially since I haven't touched Walker's baby book since his first birthday and this may be the only documentation of the first few years of life. We have been traveling a ton!!! We have been driving back and forth to my parents house almost every weekend to watch

my little brother play a little bit of this.....

and hanging out with super cute cheerleaders! This is my brother's girlfiend and she is almost too cute for my brother! ;)

Walker also started Mother's Day Out!! YAY! I'm more excited than he is! I did keep him home today cause this H1N1 or swine flu, whatever you want to call it, is scaring the CRAP out of me!!!
Walker has also gotten his hands on a little of this

and I think he likes it! ;) Walker is cutting 3 molars! Yeah, shoot me please! He is also "talking" non stop. He knows what a cow, horse, chicken, dog, bird, monkey, car, tractor and lion say. He recognizes the numbers 1 and 2. My favorite word to hear him say is cookie! He draws it out and makes it like an eight syllable word. I love it. He is starting to speak in two and three words phrases or sentences. He wants to know if you see everything. He will point to something and say,"See?". His newest thing to say is,"Oh Wow!". I say that a lot so it more evident than ever that I have to be careful about what we say in front of him. Walker loves to dance and shake his booty. He has rhythm and I can honestly say he got that from his daddy. LOL! So that's a recap of what's been going on in our little world and like always it's mainly all about Walker with a little bit of football mixed in.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Newest Addition To Our Family

What is black and white? And has a blue and white polka dot ribbon tied around it's "neck"? It's small enough to fit in my diaper bag. I have already been informed that we can't bring it to Nonnie and Pappy's because they WILL NOT ALLOW it in their house. That's right! You guessed it!!!!!!!!!!

Our Spanking Spoon! Oh, you thought it was something else didn't you. Walker wishes. We are going to only use this when necessary and never in anger. I had to find something. Walker is getting out of control and if I pop him on the bottom he pops me in the face. He is also starting to hit others so it is time to intervene. Thanks Carly for the idea! I hope you don't mind that I copied yours! And just to keep my mom from calling and chewing me out for posting a picture of this "weapon" and not one of her sweet little angel that she believes does not need to be spanked, I have included a couple of pics of Walker from this week.

Don't you just love the socks with the spandex?

Yes, he is in the dog's water! Check out that diaper!

No the bruise on his forehead is not from the spanking spoon. He did that trying to climb onto the dining room table after I repeatedly told him to get down. Maybe if I would have had the spanking spoon then the injury could have been avoided.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Walker sure is!!! Walker and I made a trip to the delta this weekend. I had a dinner with several high school friends(we had the BEST time) Friday night, Saturday morning we had to take Walker to have his picture made with my brother for an add we bought to go in his teams football program, then we watched my brother and his team scrimmage and finally we went to a birthday party. I had tried to order Walker a jersey that had my brother's number on it but they were very expensive and I wasn't sure it would fit. So I called The Sweet Pea in Greenwood and she had one extra small left. If you are ever in Greenwood you HAVE to go by this store! She has the cutest kids clothing. Way better than anything I have found in this area and they are super friendly!! I picked the jersey up Friday and almost cried. This jersey is so CUTE and Walker is even cuter in it. Saturday morning I was almost bursting at the seams with pride just watching them both in their jerseys. I love these two so much! My family is made up of die hard football fanatics and my brother was born to play football. We knew this from day one and he is an outstanding player. My brother is a great kid all the way around and he adores Walker!!! They are so cute together. Ok my eyes are welling up with tears and I don't want to have to reapply my makeup so I gonna post a few more pics and grab a bite to eat while Walker naps.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Because I LOVE chaos and have a hankering to catch a communicable disease

I look Walker to the new Chuck E. Cheese last week for a birthday party. I don't think I need to go any further.

I took this picture Sunday. This was after going to church, eating lunch with my fam and spending three hours in Bass Pro Shop. He was EXHAUSTED! Yes, three hours in Bass Pro and all we bought was Walker a pair of shoes, his first plastic gun and some chocolate covered raisins. Ahem, that's right we bought our fourteen month old a fake gun or Pow Pow as he calls it because that's what every fourteen month old needs. No I do not promote violence but I do get a charge out of it every time it falls out of my diaper bag, especially at the grocery store.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

While You Were Sleeping

We decided to convert our guest bedroom into a playroom after Christmas because of all the gifts good ole' Saint Nick left Walker. In the two years that we have lived in our home we have had company sleepover maybe six or seven times, since we converted into a playroom seven months ago we have needed an extra bed at least twenty times. That's usually how it goes. Anyway the playroom/office/exercise room has needed a major overhaul so I decided that it would happen this week. This is what Walker's playroom looked like before he went down for a nap yesterday.

I worked on it while he napped, Marc and I both worked on it after Walker went to sleep last night and tonight. When Walker wakes up in the morning this is what he will find.

SO SO SO much better! I still have a mirror to hang and I scored four 8x10 sports prints on Ebay for $25 to hang above the small bookcases. While this room is not exactly what I had in mind for a playroom it will do for now. At least now I'm not embarrassed for people to open the door. Unfortunately the rest of my house has been neglected due to my little project.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Typical Summer Day

Today I ate breakfast off the floor and the foot rest of the high chair like I always do. Cause eating while sitting in my chair is not cool.

Threw a fit when Mommy put me in my jogging stroller. Finally I got in but only after she promised to take me to watch the tractors doing dirt work across the street. She waited until after her walk to take me just like I knew she would. She always bribes me with big machinery because she knows how much I like it.

Then I went to the park. Tried to convince the guy doing the yard work there to let me ride on the lawn mower with him. I kept running after to him but Mom would just catch me and say, "No, No, No!". For some reason she doesn't want me talking to strangers or running after the exhaust of a lawn mower. She must have had a bad experience.

I threw another fit when Mommy made me come inside after being out there for three and a half hours. Once I am capable of turning the door knobs I plan on going out there as much as possible.

I ate lunch.

I watched a little TV in my favorite chair. I let Daddy sit in it when he gets home from work but during the day this is my house and my recliner!!!

Destroyed the playroom while Mommy read me three books and attempted to do flash cards with me. I paid her zero attention because I think education is overrated. I plan on getting through life just flashing my adorable smile. Whenever I smile at Mommy, Nonnie or Mimi, they melt and give me whatever I want. I see no reason as to why this won't work with the rest of the world.

Took a nap.

Woke up and destroyed Mommy's People magazine that she had just gotten in the mail. Thank goodness she had read it during my nap or I would have had to listen to her rant and rave about it. She did however get a little upset because I tore up a picture of some guy she kept calling JFK Jr.

Helped Daddy mow the grass and pointed out any spots that he missed so he wouldn't have to listen to Mommy rant and rave.

I ate some dirt, leaves, acorns, etc. to wash down the peices of Mommy's People magazine that I ate earlier.

Ate dinner and had a bath.

Went in Mommy's closet while she was cleaning up the kitchen and pulled out every pair of shoes she owns. Brought a couple of shoes into the kitchen and hid them in the cabinets next to the corningware. Mommy will find these after I go to bed and she is unloading the dishwasher.

I forced my parents to endure a solid hour of Blue's Clues. I know how much my Daddy loves it. He is a huge fan of Joe's. ;)

Finally I went to sleep.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thinking Outside Er, Inside the Box

Lately Walker has become obsessed with getting in boxes. Strange I know. He also doesn't like Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies. CRAZY! Don't worry I'm calling his doctor to address both of these issues ;)So tonight I managed to sneak a couple of pics of him in the oh so very strange places. The green thing is a mesh clothes hamper shaped like a frog that has now been converted into a toy box for the time being. He empties all the toys out of it and crawls into it and just lays there and thinks or whatever it is that one year olds do while cramped into a very small place. It is kind of funny when he tries to get out! I will be purchasing him a tent to sit and think in very soon because the mesh hamper/toy box is not kid friendly at all.

I have to brag about my little boy for a paragraph or two. Tonight after he finished his dinner he was sitting in his high chair and I started singing the ABC's. I sing it to him everyday. So tonight I'm singing and I sing, "A,B,C,D,E,F" and Walker out of no where says, "G"! Then I sing, "H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O" and Walker says, "P!" and then I sing, "Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y" and Walker says,"Z". I couldn't believe it. I very impressed. Everyday he says a new word. He still walks around jabbering like he's been working in one of those Korean nail salons for the last 14 months but he is starting say real words and this means we have to start watching what we say and do. Walker loves the map on the cartoon Dora the Explore or Dora the Mexican as Marcus calls it. If Marcus went to Wal Mart every once in awhile he would no better than to teach our son racial discrimination at such a young age. How am I supposed to explain to Juan why my child is calling his daughter Dora the Mexican. Tonight when I was getting him out of the tub he popped me on my arm and said,"No, No!". He only heard me say "No, No!" about 1,982,983,920 times today. Even with the nagatives of him repeating some of the things we say his new vocabulary is making life so much easier. It's so nice for him to be able to tell me when he wants a cack-ka(cracker) or nummy-nummy(real food).
I took this picture of Walker and my brother this weekend. I love it!!! They were looking at each other so sweet. Of course this was before Walker gave my brother and my mom the stomach virus. Not sure that my brother would be looking at him this sweet right now. HA!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Long Post With No Pictures

which means you probably won't even read it. I didn't post for awhile because there was nothing to post about then a lot of stuff happened and I didn't have time to post. So here it what's been going on. Since my last post Alana, Loni and Lucas came to visit for 3 1/2 weeks. We had so much fun while they were here! Walker had a blast with his cousins. Alana and I only had to break up a couple of fist fights between the boys. HE! HE! I am positive that Walker and Lucas will have so much fun when they get a little bit older but right now they have to constantly be refereed which makes visiting with my favorite sister in law hard. Loni is such a great big sister and helped with Walker constantly. I seriously thought about taking Alana and Wade to court to see if I could get joint custody so I could have her here at the house to help all the time. :) Then I realized that it would cost a lot of money in attorney fees and I didn't stand a snow ball's chance in you know where of having a judge rule in my favor. I don't think wanting a live in babysitter is reason enough for the justice system to grant me custody. HA! They are both precious kids and I couldn't ask for a more precious niece or nephew. We did get a chance to take the kids to the Museum of Natural Science and the zoo. The museum was SO.MUCH.FUN. It was the first time I had ever been. I just assumed because it was a museum that it would be boooooorrrriiinnggg but it was the complete opposite. Totally kid friendly which is all that matters to me these days. We were so sad to see them leave but I know they were ready to return to Colorado.

Last Thursday while visiting with Mimi and Papaw Walker got his first BIG boo-boo. He had gone to "help" Marc, David and Papaw move a deer stand into Mimi and Papaw's garage while Mimi and I stayed at Uncle David's. I went to check on dinner and found Marcus looking like Bambie in head lights and Walker screaming bloody murder. I asked what had happened and after a lot of stuttering from the three men, Marcus finally fessed up that he thought Walker might have burned his hand. Ok, so first of all, we all know he didn't "think" Walker had done anything because men don't think. Secondly, he either burned it or he didn't. There was nothing funny about the accident at the time but after praying to God and asking him to help me not strangle my husband for not watching our son like a hawk I can look back and find a couple of funny moments. Like the look on all three of their faces when I rounded the corner. They knew that the that my reaction was not going to be pleasant and that anyone within a 30 foot radius would probably be be taken by ambulance to the ER once I finished cause nobody "lets" my baby get hurt ;) and in the ER when Marcus looks at me after an hour silence and says, "Your never going to let me live this down are you?". He knows me too well because after all, this would have NEVER happened had I been there. ;) God is good like that.
Even though it was an accident and could have happened with me there, I was still furious with Marcus. I didn't say anything to him until I had a chance to pray to God and ask him to help me not be angry with Marcus for fear that I would say something that I would regret. When I finally did start talking to him I couldn't be mad. I tried to be mad, the good Lord knows I tried but I just couldn't do it. Mainly because at some point, while in my care, Walker will fall and need stitches and then well I don't want Marc to hold it over my head cause ya know it's a gonna happen and because my poor husband felt terrible about it. As for Walker's hand he received 2nd and 3rd degree burns but is healing quickly. He has to keep his left hand bandaged 24-7 and has only tried to remove the bandages once or twice. He has been such a trooper. He also came down with the stomach virus Sunday night. He has since passed the virus on to my mother. She wants to blame it on shrimp that she ate because she doesn't believe that her sweet little angel grandson could give her the stomach virus but I'm afraid he did.
Speaking of my mother. We gave her the name Nana when Walker was born. We all knew he would probably come up with something else but we wanted to call her something until he did. Well, this weekend he came up with something. She is now Nonnie or at least that is what Walker is calling her for the time being.
So there you have it the last few weeks. I would post a couple of pics but I am in the middle of cleaning out Walker's play room and haven't even showered today. So since I smell and Walker is half way through his nap I am going to opt to bathe instead of adding a few pics of my precious baby.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

To Blog or Not To Blog?

That is the question I ask myself every day! I sit down and start to blog then I remember to put the clothes in the dryer or get everything ready for our almost daily trip to the pool. I will try to do better Mama! Things around here are pretty boring. Walker now sleeps through the night and is down to one nap a day. His naps range from two hours to three and a half hours(those are my favorites). Here are a couple of recent pics. I was trying to vacuum the twelve pounds of Ritz crackers out of Walker's car seat yesterday and he wanted to help so to keep him entertained I let him "drive". He played with the radio, "turned" the wheel and added his own sound effects. This kept him entertained for at least 15 minutes!!! It amazes me, he has so many toys that it is a sin and pays zero attention to them. They light up, sing and even dance yet he wants nothing to do with any of them. He has more fun "driving" my truck. So I have decided that we are just going to have to break down and buy him a truck of his own so that I can at least go to the bathroom by myself! Just kidding! No really I'm not. If I thought DHS wouldn't come and take him away I would pay any amount of money for something that would keep his attention for fifteen minutes.

One more thing they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Walker loves the Swiffer Vac we have and has since he was old enough to hold his head up. The good thing is that now he can push it around. So almost daily he "vacuums" the floor for me. A man after my own heart! Ya'll know I love a clean house!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Love Is In The Air!!!

I haven't posted in FOREVER!!!!! We have been so busy. I heart summer and am so glad that's it's here. I have taken Walker to the pool in our neighborhood three times and he seems to love it. Walker also seems to be loving something else this summer....My best friend Mallory's daughter, Avery. Yes I think he has his first crush. Avery is a three years older than he is but he doesn't seem to mind.

Today our Sunday school class had our annual fish fry and we had too much fun. I would post pics but I am exhausted and my computer is so slow tonight for some reason. I will try to post them Monday.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Can Anyone Tell Me What He Is Saying?

I would pay good money to know what he is talking about! This is one of things I am going to miss the most as he gets older! Along with that waddle he has when he walks! I love this baby boy with all my heart and I hope he is not talking bad about me!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a Weekend! WHEW!

I am still trying to recover from this weekend! Saturday we had Walker's first birthday party. We had so much fun! Walker was an angel all day. He never got fussy, he entertained everybody and flirted with the older girls in attendance! He SMASHED his smash cake! Cake was EVERYWHERE!!! He had cake in his hair, all over his clothes and even rubbed it in his eyes! He didn't however, enjoy opening presents! I considered mentioning it to his doctor when we went in for his one year checkup on Monday. That just isn't normal! Everybody likes opening presents. I had so much fun planning Walker's party and can't wait to do it again next year. Only next year I wil hire someone to come in as soon as the guest leave to clean my house! It took me all night to get things back in order. I would like to take this time to thank my mother who stayed and entertained my child while I cleaned. Mom, thanks for all your help! I couldn't have done it without you!
Sunday was Mother's Day and it was wonderful! It was also Baby Dedication at our church. I was so excited! Walker was born the week of Mother's day last year so he wasn't able to be dedicated until this year. I had such high hopes for this day and this special ceremony. My parents, brother, grandparents and Marc's parents were all there which was so special but things didn't exactly go as I had planned. Walker pitched a fit the ENTIRE time we stood down front! So if you were there and were wondering who the terror tot was down front acting like a brat, it was my child. I apologize to anyone who tried to capture this ceremony on and camera because you probably can't hear anything for Walker screaming!!!I was mortified! After church we were all able to go and have lunch together which was GREAT! No one had to cook or clean which was a gift in it's self. Here are a few pics!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Best Year of Our Lives

I am blogging about this today because I plan to devote my entire day tomorrow to my precious baby boy. Tomorrow is Walker's first birthday so our day will be spent doing whatever Walker desires and believe me he has no desire to watch me type on the computer. A year ago today I was admitted to the hospital to be induced. After 14 hours of labor, 2 hours of pushing and a c-section I got to see the most precious face I have ever laid eyes on! Walker is the center of our world and we thank God everyday for giving us this amazing gift! I can't believe that Walker is a year old! This has been the most WONDERFUL year of our lives! I never imagined that having a family could be so rewarding! Walker is blessed with amazing great-grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins! I am so happy that my baby gets to grow up knowing that he loved by not just Marc and I but by each of them! I could go on and on but I won't I will end with a slideshow of our sweet boy! Turn your volume up, I added music to it. This is one of my FAVORITE songs!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

My Tech Savvy Child

Tonight I was trying to get the recipes together for the things I would be fixing for Walker's birthday party and Walker came up to me wanting me to pick him up so of course I did. He sat in my lap for .02 seconds and starting squirming so I reached for the first thing I saw and gave it to him. Well, it was my iPod! As soon as I handed it to him I knew I had made HUGE mistake! He now refuses to give it back! We have tried to take it away from him three times and he starts sobbing! Like whole body shaking and huge alligator tears kind of crying! He has been walking around "talking" on the iPod!I tried to video him with my camera so it's dark and by this time he wasn't talking as much as he had been but you can still see him putting the phone to his ear! Here is a video! It's too cute!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sticks and Frogs and Mud! Oh My!

I remember the day very distinctly...I was 14 weeks pregnant and a good friend of mine had arranged for me to get a free ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby I was carrying. My mom was with me because I didn't tell Marc I was having it done. I didn't tell him because I knew how bad he wanted a boy and I knew if I found out it was a girl this would give me a few weeks to butter him up about how wonderful a baby girl would be before we had the official ultrasound done. Horrible? Yes, but he wanted a boy that bad and I had a gut feeling it was going to be a girl.
All Marc had talked about since the day we found out we were pregnant was how he hoped it was a boy and with tears in his eyes he would talk about watching his son kill his first deer. Now I knew if it was a girl she would be a lot like me and it would be hard for Marc to live out this dream if he was sitting in a deer stand with a tiny princess wearing pink camo and a tiara. So with much anticipation I laid down on the table the tech placed the thing-a-ma-jiggy on my belly and there it was! There was no doubt that God was going to give my husband the son he had been dreaming about. Ah, the excitement! My mind flashed forward to tiny cowboy boots, fishing trips, t-ball games, camo and maybe a future football star. I had no idea that a having a boy would mean that the next eighteen years would be filled with MUD


or an obbession with finding the sharpest stick in the yard to carry around. I won't post pics in fear that someone from the Department of Human Services may see it and take my child from me.
Even though no one told me that this is what having a boy would entail I couldn't be happier! I am loving every minute of it. Except for the frog part. I loathe frogs. I don't care that help control the mosquito population, they are disgusting! I feel the same way about a frog that I do about snakes, roaches and brussel sprouts! Sends chills down my spine just thinking about them! Of course now that my husband has the son he always wanted all he can talk about is how he hopes the next baby is a GIRL!
I need some help from the four of you that read this blog! LOL! I am trying to decide on a picture for Walker's dedication at church. I wasn't there for dedication last year because we had just come home from the hospital from having Walker the day before, so I'm not sure if I should use a current picture or a baby(by baby I mean a month old) picture. Any help would be appreciated! Just leave a comment telling me which one you like. They will be numbered from left to right (1) (2) or (3) or if I should use a baby pic. Thanks!!!! Oh, the last pic(3) shows his entire face, it just cropped it on here. It's same pic used in my header.