Friday, January 30, 2009

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I'll love ya tomorrow! Your only a day away!

Does anybody know what tomorrow is? Yes,it is Saturday and it is the last day of the month, which means Wal Mart will be a nightmare for the next week and it's also the day before Super Bowl Sunday. Most importantly tomorrow January 31st is the LAST day of DEER SEASON!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! Thank you Lord Jesus! I mean that with all my heart! I am ecstatic! My husband however will be in mourning for the next few days. He will sigh and shed a few tears as he cleans his guns for the last time, gives his camo one final wash in the detergent that smells like dirt and cleans out all the hunting crap that is piled in the back seat of his truck! I will be his shoulder to cry on and will fix him a big bowl of ice cream to help mend his broken heart but then I will hand him his to do list! This isn't just any list! This is the list of things that have been put off since October! It isn't a small list or an easy list but it is a list that he will complete or risk losing all of his hunting attire in a mysterious fire! Some of you women(my mother) are sad because this means no more sending the men to deer camp for the weekend while you have the house all to yourself. Well, I'm sorry but all "good" things must come to an end! I having been counting down the days for weeks! No more feeling guilty when I ask him to stay home and help with the baby because he works hard and deserves time to himself, no more waiting by the phone just to hear "I killed one but we can't find it so I will be a lil' while", no more skinning dear until nine o'clock at night, no more hearing my mother say" Cari, he could be doing a lot worse just be glad he's hunting". No more Outdoor Channel! No more Michael Waddell or Lee and Tiffany. No more Drury Outdoors or Primos. No more grunt calls or camo! No more tripping over muddy boots at the back door! More of getting things done and spending good quality time together as a family at least for a few months! Tomorrow I will celebrate while Marc cries but luckily for him I have a few things for him to do that will take his mind off of the end of deer season. Like cleaning out the garage, picking up sticks in the back yard, repairing the missing shingle on the roof, bathing HIS smelly dog(who also has been neglected since October), bleaching the eaves around the house, blowing off the front porch, trimming back the bushes, draining the fountain, refilling the fountain, etc..... Tomorrow, Tomorrow! Your only a day away!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Much Obliged

Thank you Tyanne for guiding me through that! Carly thanks for being there for moral support! LOL! Thanks to both of you for responding so quickly!


Will someone please tell me how to set my blog so that people update their blogs it shows up on my page. I am wearing Tyanne's blog out! LOL! Thanks!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Little Red Corvette

This weekend Marc, Walker and I headed to my parents house. I really wanted to go to bible study but, because we were lacking a baby sitter and the thought of spending 6 hours on the road so that my mom could keep Walker made me nauseated, we decided to go visit my family. I have heard the bible study before and I am married to the Sunday school teacher's son so I can hear it anytime I want(that's just one of the many perks!) but I was looking forward to the fellowship! Hopefully we will have another one soon! We had a great time with my fam! My mom waits on Marc hand and foot! It's ridiculous! I always tell him not to go home expecting that kind of service cause it ain't gonna happen! Know what I mean? My dad and brother took Marc squirrel hunting and taught him a new way to skin a squirrel! I'm not sure why he would want to skin one. Surely he wouldn't consider eating one. Would he!? I was able to get sleep and I needed it! Walker had the best time of all! He always does! My mother all but breathes for him while we are there! My mom wanted to get Walker a wagon of some sort the last we visited. My parents live on a few acres so my mom and dad wanted something they could pull him around in since he weighs 24 pounds!!! Mom and I had looked at Wal Mart the last time I visited and found a Radio Flyer car that has a handle so you can push him and a foot rest that slides back so he can steer it himself when he gets a little older but it was around $85 so we decided to wait. I went to Wal Mart in Clinton Thursday and found it for $64 so I called my Mom and she said, "BUY IT!!!!". I put it together Friday night and we put Walker in it and let me just say it is his absolute favorite thing EVER!!! The steering wheel turns so the first thing he did was grab the wheel with one hand just like he was driving then he propped his other arm on the door! It was so cute! He was PIMPIN'! Unfortunately it was too cold to take him outside so we cruised him around inside all weekend! The car was super easy to put together and has lots of cool extras! It has a "radio", blinkers that light up and a horn. Here are a couple of pics!
So it's not really a corvette. More like a old Chevy of some sort but Walker thought it was a corvette and I dare anyone to tell him any different! ;)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Wonderful Day!

I love to be outdoors and like most babies, Walker does to. Walker was born in May so by the time he was old enough to enjoy being outside it was just too cool to take him out and let him play. I had been watching the weather and saw that today was going to be warm. I got so excited and had been looking forward to it all week long. I couldn't wait to let Walker play outside all afternoon. We had so much fun today!!! We went for a walk around the neighborhood, I pushed him in his swing, pulled him around the yard in his wagon, let him eat dirt and play with the animals. Today gave me a sneak peak at the fun Walker and I are going to have this spring and summer! Here are few pics from our fun day!

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Trendy Stitch

I am going to do some advertising for Pamela. I hope she doesn't mind!!! I ordered an outfit and a shirt for Walker from A Trendy Stitch and everything is adorable! Walker wore his outfit on his first day at Mother's Day Out not just because he looked cute in it but it also has his named monogrammed across the front and I thought what better way to be sure that they don't forget his name! Everyone had a fit over the outfit! Check out to see some of the super cute things you can order! Here are a few pics of Walker in his outfit.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Walker can feed himself!!!!

This post is mainly for my mom. She hasn't been able to see him do this yet! Now I just need to find things that I feel comfortable letting him feed himself. I am scared to death that he is going to choke.

Money down the drain!!!

I will probably get a letter from the City of Clinton about this post but oh well. I recieved my water bill in the mail a couple of weeks ago just like always and put it in my bill sorter without even checking the amount. I rarely look at it until the day it is due. Yeah I know that's a horrible habit. So last night I got ready to pay bills and realized that my sewage charge was almost triple what the water charge was! They are usually within a couple of dollars of one another. I pulled out my previous bills and saw that for the last 3 months my bill has been this way! Yes, I keep all of my bills because my father in law is a realtor and he says it's important to keep that kind of info handy so when you get ready to sell your home you can tell the buyer what your bills usualy run each month. Just a free tip for anyone who didn't know that. Anyway, I head up to the water department and bring this to their attention. They were so nice and helpful! Turns out they had been overcharging me and they can't figure out why. They credited me back for what I had overpaid which left me owing $6.14 for my water bill this month! Way better than the 70 something dollars I had been billed for. So if you live in the city limits of Clinton check your bill! The sweet lady that helped me made the comment, "I wonder who else has been overcharged and didn't catch it!"

One of the Proudest Moments of My Life

This morning was so exciting! It was Walker's first day at Mother's Day Out! I was determined to be on time and we were!!! I had met his teachers the week before and they were super nice so I felt confident that he was in great hands! It was just the leaving part that was so hard! He was having a blast when I got ready to leave so he hardly noticed that I was walking towards the door! I was a wreck! It broke my heart to tell him bye! I don't know how mother's leave their children at daycare every day. I am so fortunate to stay home with him and to have a husband that works so hard to allow me to do this. Thank goodness I ran into a lady outside so I was forced to hold myself together and not start crying like a crazy woman. I got in the car and it occurred to me that I could pick him up at anytime so there was no need to be upset and to just enjoy the next few hours of freedom! So I did what any mother who has spent more time worrying about how their child would spend their day than what they would do with their free time. I headed to Wal Mart! It was the only place I could think of! I got there realized that I was punishing myself so I grabbed a few necessities and went to my FAVORITE store, The Olive Branch. I had a gift certificate that I wanted to use so I bought a few Christmas ornaments that were on sale and a ceramic rabbit to match one I already have and then wandered around for forty five minutes just because I could! I met Marc, my in-laws and David for lunch and enjoyed an entire meal without interruption. After eating I darted across town to pick Walker up EARLY! I just couldn't take it anymore! I had to see my lil' man. They said that he did great and that they were moving him up because they think he is so advanced. ADVANCED!!! Well, that was one of the proudest moments of my life thus far! Granted they are probably moving him up because he is giant compared to the other babies and they prefer to place him in a room that has been baby proofed for legal purposes nonetheless they told me it was because he was advanced!!! I am somewhat apprehensive about him moving up because all the babies in his new class are walking and bigger than him. I also worry about one of them being mean to him(see my post: Bye, Bye, Bye)but I'm sure he will be fine. I plan to tell everyone about our very own baby Einstein and write in his baby book how on his first day at MDO he was moved up because he was so "advanced". I am signing off now so I can start filling out Walker's college applications! I'm kidding!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thank God for Mothers!!!!

After reading Erin's post Thursday I was thinking about what she had written and that I really hadn't experienced "that" yet. "That" meaning up all night with a sick baby, who can only find comfort in your arms and the adrenaline that suddenly kicks in and allows you to go without sleep for hours. Walker still doesn't sleep all night but it's never been because he was really's because he wants a bottle or to practice whatever new skill he is trying to master. Well, low and behold he caught his first cold and I spent Thursday night rocking and holding Walker so he could breathe through his lil' stopped up nose. It was then that I knew exactly what Erin meant! I have spent the last two days wiping his snot all over MY sleeve and doing it like it's second nature. Something 8 months ago I would have NEVER done. I HATE snot. Most people hate blood or vomit well I work in the medical field so those don't phase me but snot, that's a different story! Enough on snot. I am feeling nauseated! Anyway, Erin was right! Being a mother brings out selflessness and the ability to do whatever it takes to meet your child's needs. I immediately called the doctor Friday morning, canceled Walker's first day of Mother's Day Out and headed north to get help from Nana. I realized today that even though I am a twenty seven year old grown woman, married and a mother myself my mom displays this same kind of selflessness towards me! She stayed up with Walker last night so that I could rest and because she adores Walker and would rather have one on one time with him but it's makes me feel special to say she did it just for me;) Thanks Mama! I love you! Thank you Lord for blessing me with such a wonderful mother!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bye, Bye, Bye

Walker has figured out how to wave bye, bye! Well sort of, he does it backwards sometimes but it's so cute! He now waves at everybody and everything! He waves to me, the cat, the dog, Marc, the lady at the grocery store! It's precious!!!!
This week has been very exciting and it's only Tuesday! I got a phone call yesterday that I have been waiting for....Walker will start Mother's Day Out Friday!!! I am very excited! He will only be going one day a week for now, which will be plenty! I really want Walker to be around other children and since we aren't planning on having another baby anytime soon this was our only option. This comes at a perfect time...I was informed Sunday when I picked him up from the nursery, that he doesn't like for other children to get into his personal space!:) I must admit, at first I was a little offended,! I mean he is 7 months old for crying out loud, how do they know what he likes! I can't understand baby language, maybe the other kid threatened to steal his bottle or something! Then I realized it was an innocent remark and I came to the conclusion that most people don't like for others to get in their personal space so Walker is completely normal! Hopefully being around other babies at MDO will help Walker with his people skills ;) I also realized Sunday that there is an area of motherhood that I am struggling with...the random comments from people, some complete strangers, about my child. I am VERY sensitive and get my feelings hurt very easily!!!! That is probably one of the main reasons I didn't enjoy pregnancy! Anywho, it dawned on me Sunday that I need to figure out a way to grin and bear it when someone says something about Walker that I don't agree with because over the next say fifty or sixty years, if I live that long, it will happen a lot!!! In my eyes Walker is flawless but not everyone else will see him this way! I also am beginning to understand why mothers of terror tots(as I call them) think their children are well behaved little angels. In a mother's eyes her child can do no wrong and when they do it is the parents responsibility to point it out and not anyone else's! Unless of course, the child's behavior is harmful to another child or adult. I also realized that other children are going to be mean to my baby one day and there won't be a lot that I can do about it! I don't know what kept my mother from marching out on the playground and jacking a few jaws when I would come home from school crying! I guess keeping your cool and having thick skin is just part of being a mom! A part that will take a lot of getting used to because after all in my eyes, Walker IS perfect, well most of the time;)
Here is a picture of my "PERFECT" baby waving bye, bye backwards!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Birthday on the Brain!

Walker will not turn one until May 7 but for the last couple of weeks all I can think about is his first birthday party. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that I tend to be a lil' OCD when it comes to my child or maybe it's because I know that this party more is for our family and friends to get together and look back at his first year. Anyway, I have saved countless pictures and kept a file full of websites to return to. I have even picked out party favors and for the last few days I have even spent his nap time on the Internet googling party ideas when I should have been doing laundry. Let me just say....the majority of this stuff is so TACKY!!! I have also been trying to decide if I want a theme or not. I know after this year Walker will decide on the theme and I won't be able to do anything about it. I will have to suck it up and hang the batman pinata or pay someone to bake a cake in the shape of spider man. This led to my decision to go theme less:) I am sure by Monday I will be over it but for now I am in party planning mode!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve

I apologize for my lack of creativity! I haven't been able to come up with any catchy titles. Writer's block I guess! HA! HA! This is the second year in a row that we have had a very low key new year's eve. Last year I was pregnant and this year we wanted to be with Walker, so two of our best friends came over(they are expecting their first child in May) and we ate dinner. We spent the entire evening talking about babies and how much life changes after you become a parent. We had a wonderful time! Walker woke up around 11 so instead of putting him back to bed we chose to let him ring in the new year with us! He fell asleep at 11:57! Party pooper! After Blake and Mary left we all 3 got in the bed and I laid there thanking God for every breath Walker took for about 5 minutes then thanked him for an extraordinary year! This year has had way more ups than downs! Although some of my family members and friends have had to cope with illness, tragic accidents, death, financial downs and ups Marc and I have been very fortunate. All of these things hit home and affected me but not directly and for that I am eternally grateful! My heart breaks for those who have suffered and I pray for them everyday!
My new year's resolution(I hate making these) is to try to be more positive about everything! It will be hard especially this month...the inauguration, our country's financial situation, etc.....but I am going to pray really hard and put it in God's hands.
On a lighter note....I can't wait to see what 2009 has in store! I don't know if it can be better than 2008! We celebrated our first wedding anniversary, welcomed a precious baby boy into the world, I was able to have my precious grandfather around for another year and so much more! Life in '08 has been GREAT!!!! We have spent New Years day watching the Tournament of Roses parade and eating grilled cheese sandwiches. We also took a 2 hour nap! Here a few pics from last night and today.

Walker in his Hugh Hefner pj's

Walker's First Christmas

Christmas was WONDERFUL! We spent Christmas eve day with my family and Christmas eve night with Marc's. Walker was perfect all day even though he had a runny nose and cough! Marc & I had SOOOOO much fun Christmas eve night "helping" Santa. Santa went WAY overboard and is now on a budget because of her, I mean his excesive spending ;) Marc's parents and brother, David, came over Christmas morning to see what Santa brought and to eat breakfast. Walker didn't know what to think at first but when he realized that all of those toys were his he went crazy!!! That is until he found his favorite toy and then paid zero attention to anything else! This was the best Christmas I have ever had! However, I am glad to have the tree and the decorations down and my house back to normal! Here are a few of my favorite pictures!

Walker with his favorite toy!!!

Everything that Santa brought!

Riding in his wagon that Mimi & Papaw gave him

Smiling for his Nana on Christmas Eve

Walker and my sweet Pawpaw!!! I love this picture!