Sunday, January 25, 2009

Little Red Corvette

This weekend Marc, Walker and I headed to my parents house. I really wanted to go to bible study but, because we were lacking a baby sitter and the thought of spending 6 hours on the road so that my mom could keep Walker made me nauseated, we decided to go visit my family. I have heard the bible study before and I am married to the Sunday school teacher's son so I can hear it anytime I want(that's just one of the many perks!) but I was looking forward to the fellowship! Hopefully we will have another one soon! We had a great time with my fam! My mom waits on Marc hand and foot! It's ridiculous! I always tell him not to go home expecting that kind of service cause it ain't gonna happen! Know what I mean? My dad and brother took Marc squirrel hunting and taught him a new way to skin a squirrel! I'm not sure why he would want to skin one. Surely he wouldn't consider eating one. Would he!? I was able to get sleep and I needed it! Walker had the best time of all! He always does! My mother all but breathes for him while we are there! My mom wanted to get Walker a wagon of some sort the last we visited. My parents live on a few acres so my mom and dad wanted something they could pull him around in since he weighs 24 pounds!!! Mom and I had looked at Wal Mart the last time I visited and found a Radio Flyer car that has a handle so you can push him and a foot rest that slides back so he can steer it himself when he gets a little older but it was around $85 so we decided to wait. I went to Wal Mart in Clinton Thursday and found it for $64 so I called my Mom and she said, "BUY IT!!!!". I put it together Friday night and we put Walker in it and let me just say it is his absolute favorite thing EVER!!! The steering wheel turns so the first thing he did was grab the wheel with one hand just like he was driving then he propped his other arm on the door! It was so cute! He was PIMPIN'! Unfortunately it was too cold to take him outside so we cruised him around inside all weekend! The car was super easy to put together and has lots of cool extras! It has a "radio", blinkers that light up and a horn. Here are a couple of pics!
So it's not really a corvette. More like a old Chevy of some sort but Walker thought it was a corvette and I dare anyone to tell him any different! ;)


Tyanne said...

That's cute! We missed you this weekend, but I am all for getting sleep when you can! Don't give up, Sarah is 14 months and is finally sleeping through the night and taking good naps......just this past week!!

Carrie said...

Don't tell Mati Claire - she'll be asking Walker for a ride!!! ;) (see our latest blog post)

Pamela said...

Hey! I found it at Kirklands Home...not the one in Dogwood, but the one on County Line rd by Old Navy..It's a lot bigger and they have more stuff. They have the neutral color and like a greenish color..I got it right after Christmas, but they probably still have some. Hope you can get one! It's GREAT!