Friday, January 16, 2009

Money down the drain!!!

I will probably get a letter from the City of Clinton about this post but oh well. I recieved my water bill in the mail a couple of weeks ago just like always and put it in my bill sorter without even checking the amount. I rarely look at it until the day it is due. Yeah I know that's a horrible habit. So last night I got ready to pay bills and realized that my sewage charge was almost triple what the water charge was! They are usually within a couple of dollars of one another. I pulled out my previous bills and saw that for the last 3 months my bill has been this way! Yes, I keep all of my bills because my father in law is a realtor and he says it's important to keep that kind of info handy so when you get ready to sell your home you can tell the buyer what your bills usualy run each month. Just a free tip for anyone who didn't know that. Anyway, I head up to the water department and bring this to their attention. They were so nice and helpful! Turns out they had been overcharging me and they can't figure out why. They credited me back for what I had overpaid which left me owing $6.14 for my water bill this month! Way better than the 70 something dollars I had been billed for. So if you live in the city limits of Clinton check your bill! The sweet lady that helped me made the comment, "I wonder who else has been overcharged and didn't catch it!"

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Tyanne said...

Thanks for the info, I will have to check mine!!
I just read your last post and the first time I dropped my two off I cried like a baby and neither one of them cried a tear!! I barely made it out of the building before I started bawling and even though I had worked the night before I stayed up for a while in case they called me to come and get them because they didn't like it!! CRAZY ME!!