Friday, January 16, 2009

One of the Proudest Moments of My Life

This morning was so exciting! It was Walker's first day at Mother's Day Out! I was determined to be on time and we were!!! I had met his teachers the week before and they were super nice so I felt confident that he was in great hands! It was just the leaving part that was so hard! He was having a blast when I got ready to leave so he hardly noticed that I was walking towards the door! I was a wreck! It broke my heart to tell him bye! I don't know how mother's leave their children at daycare every day. I am so fortunate to stay home with him and to have a husband that works so hard to allow me to do this. Thank goodness I ran into a lady outside so I was forced to hold myself together and not start crying like a crazy woman. I got in the car and it occurred to me that I could pick him up at anytime so there was no need to be upset and to just enjoy the next few hours of freedom! So I did what any mother who has spent more time worrying about how their child would spend their day than what they would do with their free time. I headed to Wal Mart! It was the only place I could think of! I got there realized that I was punishing myself so I grabbed a few necessities and went to my FAVORITE store, The Olive Branch. I had a gift certificate that I wanted to use so I bought a few Christmas ornaments that were on sale and a ceramic rabbit to match one I already have and then wandered around for forty five minutes just because I could! I met Marc, my in-laws and David for lunch and enjoyed an entire meal without interruption. After eating I darted across town to pick Walker up EARLY! I just couldn't take it anymore! I had to see my lil' man. They said that he did great and that they were moving him up because they think he is so advanced. ADVANCED!!! Well, that was one of the proudest moments of my life thus far! Granted they are probably moving him up because he is giant compared to the other babies and they prefer to place him in a room that has been baby proofed for legal purposes nonetheless they told me it was because he was advanced!!! I am somewhat apprehensive about him moving up because all the babies in his new class are walking and bigger than him. I also worry about one of them being mean to him(see my post: Bye, Bye, Bye)but I'm sure he will be fine. I plan to tell everyone about our very own baby Einstein and write in his baby book how on his first day at MDO he was moved up because he was so "advanced". I am signing off now so I can start filling out Walker's college applications! I'm kidding!

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