Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thank God for Mothers!!!!

After reading Erin's post Thursday I was thinking about what she had written and that I really hadn't experienced "that" yet. "That" meaning up all night with a sick baby, who can only find comfort in your arms and the adrenaline that suddenly kicks in and allows you to go without sleep for hours. Walker still doesn't sleep all night but it's never been because he was really's because he wants a bottle or to practice whatever new skill he is trying to master. Well, low and behold he caught his first cold and I spent Thursday night rocking and holding Walker so he could breathe through his lil' stopped up nose. It was then that I knew exactly what Erin meant! I have spent the last two days wiping his snot all over MY sleeve and doing it like it's second nature. Something 8 months ago I would have NEVER done. I HATE snot. Most people hate blood or vomit well I work in the medical field so those don't phase me but snot, that's a different story! Enough on snot. I am feeling nauseated! Anyway, Erin was right! Being a mother brings out selflessness and the ability to do whatever it takes to meet your child's needs. I immediately called the doctor Friday morning, canceled Walker's first day of Mother's Day Out and headed north to get help from Nana. I realized today that even though I am a twenty seven year old grown woman, married and a mother myself my mom displays this same kind of selflessness towards me! She stayed up with Walker last night so that I could rest and because she adores Walker and would rather have one on one time with him but it's makes me feel special to say she did it just for me;) Thanks Mama! I love you! Thank you Lord for blessing me with such a wonderful mother!


Tyanne said...

I am a nurse and I cannot stand snot, it is just one of those things.
Hope Walker feels better soon!

Erin Rees said...

Hey Carrie,
I am just now reading your blog today, but let me tell you something...I am right there with you! I hope Walker get to feeling better. Lets get together for a play date sometime. (More for us than them!!!)