Friday, January 30, 2009

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I'll love ya tomorrow! Your only a day away!

Does anybody know what tomorrow is? Yes,it is Saturday and it is the last day of the month, which means Wal Mart will be a nightmare for the next week and it's also the day before Super Bowl Sunday. Most importantly tomorrow January 31st is the LAST day of DEER SEASON!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! Thank you Lord Jesus! I mean that with all my heart! I am ecstatic! My husband however will be in mourning for the next few days. He will sigh and shed a few tears as he cleans his guns for the last time, gives his camo one final wash in the detergent that smells like dirt and cleans out all the hunting crap that is piled in the back seat of his truck! I will be his shoulder to cry on and will fix him a big bowl of ice cream to help mend his broken heart but then I will hand him his to do list! This isn't just any list! This is the list of things that have been put off since October! It isn't a small list or an easy list but it is a list that he will complete or risk losing all of his hunting attire in a mysterious fire! Some of you women(my mother) are sad because this means no more sending the men to deer camp for the weekend while you have the house all to yourself. Well, I'm sorry but all "good" things must come to an end! I having been counting down the days for weeks! No more feeling guilty when I ask him to stay home and help with the baby because he works hard and deserves time to himself, no more waiting by the phone just to hear "I killed one but we can't find it so I will be a lil' while", no more skinning dear until nine o'clock at night, no more hearing my mother say" Cari, he could be doing a lot worse just be glad he's hunting". No more Outdoor Channel! No more Michael Waddell or Lee and Tiffany. No more Drury Outdoors or Primos. No more grunt calls or camo! No more tripping over muddy boots at the back door! More of getting things done and spending good quality time together as a family at least for a few months! Tomorrow I will celebrate while Marc cries but luckily for him I have a few things for him to do that will take his mind off of the end of deer season. Like cleaning out the garage, picking up sticks in the back yard, repairing the missing shingle on the roof, bathing HIS smelly dog(who also has been neglected since October), bleaching the eaves around the house, blowing off the front porch, trimming back the bushes, draining the fountain, refilling the fountain, etc..... Tomorrow, Tomorrow! Your only a day away!

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