Thursday, January 1, 2009

Walker's First Christmas

Christmas was WONDERFUL! We spent Christmas eve day with my family and Christmas eve night with Marc's. Walker was perfect all day even though he had a runny nose and cough! Marc & I had SOOOOO much fun Christmas eve night "helping" Santa. Santa went WAY overboard and is now on a budget because of her, I mean his excesive spending ;) Marc's parents and brother, David, came over Christmas morning to see what Santa brought and to eat breakfast. Walker didn't know what to think at first but when he realized that all of those toys were his he went crazy!!! That is until he found his favorite toy and then paid zero attention to anything else! This was the best Christmas I have ever had! However, I am glad to have the tree and the decorations down and my house back to normal! Here are a few of my favorite pictures!

Walker with his favorite toy!!!

Everything that Santa brought!

Riding in his wagon that Mimi & Papaw gave him

Smiling for his Nana on Christmas Eve

Walker and my sweet Pawpaw!!! I love this picture!

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