Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Wonderful Day!

I love to be outdoors and like most babies, Walker does to. Walker was born in May so by the time he was old enough to enjoy being outside it was just too cool to take him out and let him play. I had been watching the weather and saw that today was going to be warm. I got so excited and had been looking forward to it all week long. I couldn't wait to let Walker play outside all afternoon. We had so much fun today!!! We went for a walk around the neighborhood, I pushed him in his swing, pulled him around the yard in his wagon, let him eat dirt and play with the animals. Today gave me a sneak peak at the fun Walker and I are going to have this spring and summer! Here are few pics from our fun day!

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Tyanne said...

Sam asks almost daily if it is summer yet, he loves to be outdoors and I love the fact that all that running around gets rid of a LOT of energy!!

Pamela said...

Fun!! Fun!! Fun!!

Carly Winborne said...

those pictures are great! what a fun day outside!

i'm practically counting the days until play days at the park can start back again!!!