Monday, February 2, 2009

The Best Super Bowl I Never Watched

Last night our Sunday school class had a super bowl party and I never watched a single minute of the game! I also never laid eyes on the chicken wings that were brought! MEN!!! UGH! We had great food and even better conversation! It was so great to sit and talk to other women about kids, kids and more kids! I have been to a lot of super bowl parties and this was by far my favorite and we left at halftime! I laughed until my cheeks were hurting! I left with a ton of advice from other moms, that have been there and done that, and a warm heart! We had to leave early so I could drop off a very late birthday present and get Walker to bed. We dropped off the b-day gift and stopped to talk with a few friends and their parents. We were talking about the sunday school party we had just left and it was then that I was informed that our class has a reputation! This came from someone who does not attend our church. She said our class has a reputation of being one of the BEST classes for young married couples in Clinton! Now that is reputation we can be proud of! Of course we already knew this ;) We invited another couple to come one sunday and get in on all the fun. I hope they show! I am very happy to be part of a class filled with such wonderful people! Real people! People that always make you feel welcome! I am looking forward to next Sunday so we can do it all again at Sarah's shower! I love each and everyone of you and am so thankful to God for brining you into my life! And to anyone who tried the dip I brought I apologize! I was a recipe I got from my mother and somewhere I went wrong, way wrong! It was the first time I had ever made it and the last! I will post the few pics I took later. I will warn you they are mostly of Walker and Murphy so Pamela and I maybe the only two that find them interesting :) I also missed those of you who couldn't be there!


Carrie said...

Oh I'm so glad ya'll came and enjoyed it. I think I tried every dip and they were all great! Walker is such a cutie-pie too. After all the cleaning, your post is the best feed-back I could receive. Thanks!

Tyanne said...

I had so much fun too!! We need to eventually start a ladies night to get together!