Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

This has been a horrible week!!! Walker has been sick since Monday and for three days the sweet nurse at the doctor's office has been trying to reassure me that he will get better and if I bring him in there in nothing they can give him. I won't go into detail about his ailment...let's just say that he's NOT constipated!!! Anyway every morning this week I have had to dunk him in the tub and clean my rug because his diaper isn't holding it all in! Walker has been sooooooooooo ill! Unbearably ill!!! The most frustrating part is not knowing what is causing this! I am taking him to the doctor in the morning if he has not improved! I am exhausted and so is my husband so I am keeping this short so I can get some rest! I know it could always be worse! Hope everyone else is having a better week than we are!

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Pamela said...

Hey Cari Jo! Murphy had diahrea a few weeks ago.....It lasted 10 days....yes, you heard me...10 days!!!!! My doctor kept telling me that it was a virus and to just wait it out because sometimes it lasts up to 10 days!! Well, it did!!! Anyway, on the 9th day, I had had enough, so we went and did a culture to see if it was a bacteria or was neither...just a virus. Of course, she was right;) But it was the stomach bug because my whole house had you might just call them and tell them you want to bring him in to get a culture done...because if it is a bacteria or parasite they can give him something for it.....My pediatrician friend said at their clinic they usually do one of these if the child has diahrea for 5 days or more....I had to ask my doctor for one...go figure! Hope it gets better soon! I KNOW it's frustrating! We ran out of clothes!