Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One of a Kind Friendship

Today I got a wonderful surprise! One of my dearest friends in all the world sent me text message asking if it would be ok for she and daughter to come by and spend the day. I immediately responded, "YES!!!". So my dear friend Shelley and her daughter, Chamblee, came over. We had a wonderful time. Chamblee is 17 months old and Walker is twice her size! She is the cutest, most petite thing! Shelley and I hope that we will be in-laws one day ;) which is crazy because Shelley and my husband dated! Yeah, I know!!! She was Marcus' first "true love"! I know what your thinking! How in the world could I be best friends with someone my husband dated and loved(well as much as you can love someone at 16). Well believe me I tried to hate her! Yes, I tried really hard to dislike her for a couple of years but then I got to know her and see once you get to know her well that's it your hooked! She is so amazing! She lights up a room when she walks in it! She has the sweetest voice(which I made fun of when I was trying so hard to dislike her) and such a great smile! I won't go into detail but this girl has been through the unimaginable and still manages to get out bed in the morning. Shelley and I don't get to see each other often and we don't talk often but it's because we don't have to! I love that about her! I have lost a lot of friends because the friendship required too much work! There aren't enough hours in the day for me to give Walker, Marc, our house, our pets, our laundry, a bunch of friends and most importantly our good Lord the attention they all deserve. So it's nice to have a wonderful, one of a kind friendship that requires very little "work". Don't get me wrong I have friends that I talk to often and I treasure those friendships just as much but to a friendship like this is so great! And saying that I treasure a friendship that doesn't require constant contact may make me sound selfish or lazy but that's not the case! I am here for Shelley when she needs me and she knows that. Sometimes that is enough! Of course if she and her family ever decide to move closer I would be estatic!

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