Friday, February 20, 2009

A Priceless Piece of Art by an Artist on the Move

I have to blog about the new artwork I received today for our home! It is absolutely one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen! If our house were to catch on fire I would be sure to grab this along with my pictures of Walker on my way out! Today when I saw this piece for the first time I cried then called my mom and cried some more! It's that great!!! This is the FIRST piece of artwork ever created by this particular artist and I have the honor and privilege of displaying it in my home! Here is a picture!!!!!!!

This is the first piece of artwork that Walker has ever brought home! I was so proud and even prouder of the marker spots on his shirt! The spots just proved that he really did do it! I'm sure with lots of help from his teachers ;) I never thought I would hang things on my fridge but I know that this is just the first of many that will land a special spot on the refrigerator door! I wonder if I will ever get tired of the artwork that he will bring home in the future. I'm sure I won' Mom never got tired of ours!!! I really did cry when I saw this!

And here is a picture of the talented artist that is responsible for creating the magnificent piece after I picked him up from Mother's Day Out! Below is a video of my sweet boy taking his first steps with some assistance from his lion push toy!!!!!

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Tyanne said...

The artwork is always precious! No matter if it is the ten thousandth one that they have done!! At any given time my fridge is covered!!