Monday, February 16, 2009

Two Great Days in One Post

Walker is still trying to kick this virus or whatever it is in the butt so I haven't had a ton of free time lately. He is starting to get better so I decided to hold off on going to the doctor, which is sooooo unlike me, for another day or two. Thanks to those of you who left a comments or emailed me with great advice. It's so nice to hear from other mothers!!! We had a great Valentine's Day!!! Walker and I stayed with my parents Friday night because Saturday was also my brother's birthday and I wanted to be there to wish him a Happy Birthday and I wanted someone else to change diapers for a day or so. Thanks Mom! So Walker and I returned home early Saturday morning so we could spend the day with Marc. I walked in to find a dozen white roses, one of favorites, and my gifts! Marc got me two of the Southern Living Wisteria Planters that I have been drooling over for months now! Thanks Mimi! This was Walker's first Valentine's Day so he got lots of "Elmo" themed goodies, which included an Elmo Live! I love the Elmo Live more than he does!!! Walker and I have actually fought over it a couple of times :) We baked cookies and decorated them and then my in-laws volunteered to keep Walker so that Marc and I could eat dinner and watch Fireproof. Dinner was great! I fixed Chicken Delight served over rice, green bean bundles(per Marc's request), and rolls. It was delicious if I do say so myself! We had a great time but went and picked Walker up as soon as the movie was over!!! I just can't stand to be away from him!!!
Sunday was my sweet Pawpaw's 71st birthday!!! Walker and I went and spent the day with him and my grandmother and threw together a party in about 45 minutes! My six year old cousin Hanna insisted that he have a cake, candles, balloons and streamers so off to Party City I went! We had so much fun!!! Hanna was in charge of decorations and she did pretty good job of telling me what to do. My grandfather is so special to and to have him here for another year is such a blessing!!! I can't talk about him without crying!!! Let's just say that I am his favorite grandchild and all the other grandchildren know this! He and I have a very special relationship and it's hard for me to imagine life without him! He is like a cat with nine lives! He is only living male out of nine children. He has survived too many heart attacks to count, two heart bypasses, diabetes, a massive stroke that left him paralyzed on his right side and two blocked carotid arteries(one is still blocked 100% the other was blocked 90% but was opened by surgery. His mother gave birth to him at home in 1938 and she was rushed to a hospital(or a doctor's office) and they put him in a shoe box because they thought he was dead and left him at the house. His sisters came home and discovered him crying. Or at least that's story I'm told. No matter what the circumstances he was never expected to live this long! I believe that he is a multi-millionaire and doesn't want us to find out so he refuses to go be with the Lord! LOL! Seriously he is one in a million. Well, two in a million because my grandmother has been there through everything and still manages to remain sane! I will add that he can sometimes be little difficult to get along with, a lot like myself! Here are a few pics from V-Day and Pawpaw's birthday!

Mom, you can click on the pic and it will make it bigger ;)

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