Friday, March 13, 2009

Having to Say Goodbye To Nik Nik!

Today we had to put my precious Nik Nik to sleep. I am DEVESTATED!!! I know it's only a cat but he was my cat and I can cry if I want to. Nikki was a stray that I found about 4 years ago and was my "baby" before Walker came along. Two years ago I ran over Nikki, on accident of course, and he almost died. We rushed him to the vet where he remained for 4 weeks, had 3 surgeries and ran up a $2400 vet bill. So not only did I love this cat but I had invested a lot of money in this cat! I have cried all afternoon and night so pray for my husband! Marc can't comprehend why I'm crying because he has never lost a pet. He never had a dog or even a hampster growing up which is so weird to me! My dad was always bringing a puppy home. The only pet Marc has ever had is our dog, Cotton, and she will probably out live me. I have said, "You just don't understand!" around a thousand times tonight and I have sworn that I will never have another pet as long as I live. I hope by tomorrow I will be over this but for the rest of the night I am in mourning!


Carrie said...

Oh I'm so sorry. We have lost 3 dogs growing up and it's just heartbreaking. She was a very pretty cat!

Alana said...

I had no idea! I am so sorry. It's gonna be ok. Tell Marcus to get over himself. He should remember how hard it was on all of us when we lost our poodle PJ. Maybe he was too little!? Or Daffy the Duck....again - maybe he was too little. Anyway, you tell him that losing a pet is AWEFUL and that you need the day to yourself to get a mani/pedi. Love you sis - see you in 1 1/2 weeks.

Pamela said...

awww! So sorry! I had to put my cat, Moby, to sleep...he had run away from home and gotten run over...when he returned he was a mangled mess...after a week long stay at the vet, Dr. Gill said he couldn't be we had to put him to sleep:( I lived alone in college my Jr year and he was my room sad...Will had bought him for me and he even cried!! It's terrible!