Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hurricane Chicken Pot Pie

Lately, Walker has been refusing to let me feed him ANYTHING with a spoon so I have had to find things that he can feed himself. Thanks to some great moms I know I have been given tons of suggestions, the only problem is Walker hates all the suggestions! Cheese, can't stand it. This makes me question if this child has any of my DNA cause I could eat a flip flop as long as it smothered in cheese! Fruit, you name we tried it, he hated it! English peas, hates them! Carrots, REFUSED them. His lack of love for vegetables confirms that he is indeed my child. Pasta, puts it in his mouth then spits it out! Almost everything I try gets the same reaction....a head to toe shake. The cough syrup at 3 in the morning kind of shake! It is rather entertaining to watch! I am afraid if I keep offering him things he doesn't care for that he will start refusing to eat.Doubt that happens(have you seen those ham hocks he has for thighs?) but still I don't want him to fear food. So here a a few things he likes: Gerber graduate lil' crunchies, Ian's Fish Sticks, Tater Tots and Earth's Best waffles. That's it. Those four things are what he will eat. So I was at the grocery store and my mom suggested that I get him a chicken pot pie. I bought the healthiest one I could find, carried it home, stuck it in the freezer and ignored it. Every night my mom would call with the same question, "Have you fed him the chicken pot pie yet? He is going to love it!". "No mother not yet!", I responded every night for two weeks. I had not had the energy to feed him the chicken pot pie because I knew the clean up that a chicken pot pie would require. So last night I finally gave in a fixed it. We'' mom was right, Walker LOOOOOVED it!!! He ate for thirty minutes straight. When he finally finished I stared at him for ten minutes trying to decide how and where to stat cleaning him up. It was too cool outside to just squirt him down with the water hose so I put him in the sink and rinsed most of it off then handed him over to Marc so he could bathe him. I then began cleaning my kitchen. This process took almost an hour. There was chicken pot pie EVERYWHERE! I had to take his high chair completely apart and even had to mop. All the hard work was worth it. Walker finally ate something that he enjoyed! This weekend we are going to stay with my parents and I think I will pack Walker a chicken pot pie to eat while we are there since Nana is the one who is responsible for the hurricane that hit my kitchen last night! ;) Mom here are video and a few pictures just for you. Anyone else is more than welcome to watch but you may get a wee bit nauseated! It was even up his nose!


Tyanne said...

Just this past week I gave Sarah some Chicken pot pie and she LOVED it too!

Sandra said...

Remember Mother knows best!!!!!

Carrie said...

Oh you are NOT alone in the food department! MC also hates cheese, fruit, pasta, and possibly anything else you can think of. She lives on crackers of any sort and chicken nuggets. I promise you it may take MONTHS but it will get better. Hmmm...I may have to try pot pie now. Thanks for the idea!