Monday, March 16, 2009

A Shoe Shopping Adventure!

Today Walker and I were determined to get out of the house, despite the nasty weather this morning, so around lunch we set out. We went by my office and visited with a few of my co-workers, then we went shoe shopping! Walker needed a pair sandals to wear this summer and a pair of white shoes for church and pictures. I had no idea that this would take almost FOUR hours! We went to three different shoe stores and it was at the first one that I realized my son has the WIDEST foot I have ever seen on a baby! He has been wearing Pediped brand shoes since he was born but has outgrown the Pediped Originals so I just assumed that he was going to have to move up to the Pediped Flex. WRONG! They aren't wide enough!!! So after trying on at least 20 pairs of shoes I finally found a pair that would fit. You would know that they would be the most expensive shoe the store carries! When the sales lady told me the price I almost told her to forget it. I thought about just buying a couple of shoe boxes and putting some straps on them and letting him wear thoes but for the sake of my child's self esteem I sucked it up and purchased the shoes. I ended up getting him a pair of Jumping Jacks Perfection shoes.

I have to admit that he looks pretty cute with them on and seems to be able to walk in them just fine. After dinner he modeled his shoes for his daddy. I have posted a few pics of him in his new kicks. I realized after we got home how much easier some things are getting. Walker and I were gone for almost five hours today and he never fussed, not once! He was such a little trooper. Two months ago I would have never attempted to stay gone that long. While I fixed dinner tonight he sat in his highchair and muched on crackers never once getting upset! I realized that my baby is growing up! Walker is so much fun now! Don't get me wrong there are still days that I threaten to put him on "Wednesday's Child" but not nearly as often as I used to ;) This was the best shopping trip I have had in a long time and I didn't purchase a single thing for myself.


Pamela said...

Cutie!! Look at those legs!!!

Carly Winborne said...

those little brown ones are adorable! were those the ones that cost a fortune? i hope not, i need those for jack!