Saturday, March 28, 2009

Walker's First Trip To The Zoo

I meant to post this at the beginning of the week and forgot! So because I am too tired to edit it, I am leaving it just the way it is!
After a week of sadness and spending two days at the funeral home Marc and I desperately needed to get away and do something with Walker. Walker spent most of Thursday and Friday with my grandparents so that Marc and I could be with his family after the death of his Aunt Monette. The weather Saturday was beautiful so we headed off to the zoo around lunch. Marc nor I have been to the zoo since we were kids so I was anxious to see how much it had changed. The zoo is not as big as it used to be or maybe I'm not a small as I used to be! I remember it taking hours to see took us an hour and a half! We had a great time though. Walker loved the giraffes, chimpanzees, penguins and birds. He could have cared less about the elephants, alligators, rhinos or tigers. They have a penguin exhibit right now and it cost an extra $2 per person to see it so I was expecting a Sea World like setup. They advertised feeding times and made it out to be a huge deal! I couldn't wait to see it. Boy was I disappointed! You pay two bucks to stand in front of a 4x8 plexiglass aquarium and the 3 penguins swim around. I say stand in front of, you have to fight the five undisciplined children whose mother is on her cell phone and paying them zero attention to get close enough to see the penguins. Penguin exhibit=Total waste of $$$$$$. The bear was terrible to! She or he was so depressed! It just laid there like it was in pain! They are doing a lot of work at the zoo so I think in a couple of years it will be really good. We paid $25 and for the next year we get in free and don't have to wait in line which, is worth every penny! We will go back just because we love being outside and I love watching the animals.

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