Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You get a line and I'll get a pole!

Sunday we took Walker fishing for the first time! Ok, so we went fishing and took Walker along. He technically didn't fish. He did however have a blast playing in the grass and dirt! We caught ZERO fish! Yes, ZERO! Marc and I were really the only ones fishing. Papaw politic-ed all afternoon. I say politic-ed because that's what I say when someone spends 45 minutes or more talking to complete strangers. Being friendly would probably be a better way to describe what he did but whatever you want to call it, that's what he did...talk to complete strangers for about 2 hours! LOL! Mimi and Uncle David watched Walker so Marc and I could fish with both arms. It was pretty disappointing that we didn't catch anything but since supper didn't rely on that days catch we got over it. We fished at the lake at Mimi and Papaws. Here are a few pics. My computer still has a virus so I can't make a collage which I prefer to do. That is also the reason for me not posting as often. I like to include a picture with each post(really my mom likes for me to include a picture, preferably of Walker, with each post) and this Flinestone computer I am using erases pics off of my memory card randomly then I get UPSET because lets face it I just don'thave enough pictures of my child as it is ;)

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Pamela said...

Looks like he had that fishing thing down pat in the picture!!! Reeling it in!!