Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Home In The Woods

This weekend we went to stay at my parents home in Itta Bena. Walker LOVES it there! Not just because my parents spoil him rotten but because he has his own petting zoo! My parents live on a few acres and on these few acres they have three goats, three dogs, chickens, pigeons and whatever wildlife that wanders up from the lake(this weekend it was a snapping turtle!). There is a line from Steel Magnolias, when Shelby is describing Jackson's family, "Their simply outdoorsy that's all" reminds me of my family as does the line that came directly before that one, "Jackson comes from a good ole southern family. You either shoot it, stuff it or marry it!". My brother and Marc went turkey hunting and killed a turkey(see previous sentence). Walker also got to try my mom's brown rice for the first time and he thought it was as good as the chicken pot pie! Her brown rice is divine! I can smell it right now and always know I'm home when I smell it in the oven! Saturday night I got to visit with a few girls I graduated from high school with. It was so great to see them again! It's crazy some of these girls I have known since I was 4 years old and saw them almost every day for nearly 12 years but as soon as we graduated we didn't lay eyes on one another again for nearly a decade! I enjoyed catching up and reminiscing about the good old days! I had forgotten about so many things that happened back in the day! LOL! We stayed up until midnight talking and it has taken me until today to recover!

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