Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sticks and Frogs and Mud! Oh My!

I remember the day very distinctly...I was 14 weeks pregnant and a good friend of mine had arranged for me to get a free ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby I was carrying. My mom was with me because I didn't tell Marc I was having it done. I didn't tell him because I knew how bad he wanted a boy and I knew if I found out it was a girl this would give me a few weeks to butter him up about how wonderful a baby girl would be before we had the official ultrasound done. Horrible? Yes, but he wanted a boy that bad and I had a gut feeling it was going to be a girl.
All Marc had talked about since the day we found out we were pregnant was how he hoped it was a boy and with tears in his eyes he would talk about watching his son kill his first deer. Now I knew if it was a girl she would be a lot like me and it would be hard for Marc to live out this dream if he was sitting in a deer stand with a tiny princess wearing pink camo and a tiara. So with much anticipation I laid down on the table the tech placed the thing-a-ma-jiggy on my belly and there it was! There was no doubt that God was going to give my husband the son he had been dreaming about. Ah, the excitement! My mind flashed forward to tiny cowboy boots, fishing trips, t-ball games, camo and maybe a future football star. I had no idea that a having a boy would mean that the next eighteen years would be filled with MUD


or an obbession with finding the sharpest stick in the yard to carry around. I won't post pics in fear that someone from the Department of Human Services may see it and take my child from me.
Even though no one told me that this is what having a boy would entail I couldn't be happier! I am loving every minute of it. Except for the frog part. I loathe frogs. I don't care that help control the mosquito population, they are disgusting! I feel the same way about a frog that I do about snakes, roaches and brussel sprouts! Sends chills down my spine just thinking about them! Of course now that my husband has the son he always wanted all he can talk about is how he hopes the next baby is a GIRL!
I need some help from the four of you that read this blog! LOL! I am trying to decide on a picture for Walker's dedication at church. I wasn't there for dedication last year because we had just come home from the hospital from having Walker the day before, so I'm not sure if I should use a current picture or a baby(by baby I mean a month old) picture. Any help would be appreciated! Just leave a comment telling me which one you like. They will be numbered from left to right (1) (2) or (3) or if I should use a baby pic. Thanks!!!! Oh, the last pic(3) shows his entire face, it just cropped it on here. It's same pic used in my header.


Tyanne said...

Lynn sometimes apologizes about how dirty the kids are when I pick them up.....I love it, they are quite washable and the dirtier they are the more fun they have had!!
I like the last picture.
Thanks for the prayers this morning, I needed them desperately!

Carrie said...

I would use a current one...I agree #3 is my favorite. #1 is kinda too far away for the church's purpose I think.

Awww...yall are such a cute family. I was just telling Matt what a wonderful family you have!

Carly Winborne said...

I like #3, too. Jack was a year old for the baby dedication last year, too and I used an older picture rather than a newborn pic. And if you have one close up of that child's gorgeous BLUE eyes, I'd vote for that one, too!

Alana said...

You can't go wrong with any of those pictures! :) He's so precious. My only question is when is Marcus going to get his girl? :-)