Monday, May 4, 2009

My Tech Savvy Child

Tonight I was trying to get the recipes together for the things I would be fixing for Walker's birthday party and Walker came up to me wanting me to pick him up so of course I did. He sat in my lap for .02 seconds and starting squirming so I reached for the first thing I saw and gave it to him. Well, it was my iPod! As soon as I handed it to him I knew I had made HUGE mistake! He now refuses to give it back! We have tried to take it away from him three times and he starts sobbing! Like whole body shaking and huge alligator tears kind of crying! He has been walking around "talking" on the iPod!I tried to video him with my camera so it's dark and by this time he wasn't talking as much as he had been but you can still see him putting the phone to his ear! Here is a video! It's too cute!

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Tyanne said...

That is so cute, I do the same thing...that is how my cell phone has dents and a crack in the top of it!!