Thursday, June 11, 2009

To Blog or Not To Blog?

That is the question I ask myself every day! I sit down and start to blog then I remember to put the clothes in the dryer or get everything ready for our almost daily trip to the pool. I will try to do better Mama! Things around here are pretty boring. Walker now sleeps through the night and is down to one nap a day. His naps range from two hours to three and a half hours(those are my favorites). Here are a couple of recent pics. I was trying to vacuum the twelve pounds of Ritz crackers out of Walker's car seat yesterday and he wanted to help so to keep him entertained I let him "drive". He played with the radio, "turned" the wheel and added his own sound effects. This kept him entertained for at least 15 minutes!!! It amazes me, he has so many toys that it is a sin and pays zero attention to them. They light up, sing and even dance yet he wants nothing to do with any of them. He has more fun "driving" my truck. So I have decided that we are just going to have to break down and buy him a truck of his own so that I can at least go to the bathroom by myself! Just kidding! No really I'm not. If I thought DHS wouldn't come and take him away I would pay any amount of money for something that would keep his attention for fifteen minutes.

One more thing they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Walker loves the Swiffer Vac we have and has since he was old enough to hold his head up. The good thing is that now he can push it around. So almost daily he "vacuums" the floor for me. A man after my own heart! Ya'll know I love a clean house!

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Tyanne said...

Can you send him over here? The noise of it on scares both of mine, of course if I ran it more they might be used to it!!!