Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Because I LOVE chaos and have a hankering to catch a communicable disease

I look Walker to the new Chuck E. Cheese last week for a birthday party. I don't think I need to go any further.

I took this picture Sunday. This was after going to church, eating lunch with my fam and spending three hours in Bass Pro Shop. He was EXHAUSTED! Yes, three hours in Bass Pro and all we bought was Walker a pair of shoes, his first plastic gun and some chocolate covered raisins. Ahem, that's right we bought our fourteen month old a fake gun or Pow Pow as he calls it because that's what every fourteen month old needs. No I do not promote violence but I do get a charge out of it every time it falls out of my diaper bag, especially at the grocery store.

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Tyanne said...

Sam has a fake rifle that will be his when he can go on the big potty all the time, makes me feel a little wierd, but the child begged for it and it is some rite of passage for redneck children (boys).
Where is the new chuch e cheese?