Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Long Post With No Pictures

which means you probably won't even read it. I didn't post for awhile because there was nothing to post about then a lot of stuff happened and I didn't have time to post. So here it what's been going on. Since my last post Alana, Loni and Lucas came to visit for 3 1/2 weeks. We had so much fun while they were here! Walker had a blast with his cousins. Alana and I only had to break up a couple of fist fights between the boys. HE! HE! I am positive that Walker and Lucas will have so much fun when they get a little bit older but right now they have to constantly be refereed which makes visiting with my favorite sister in law hard. Loni is such a great big sister and helped with Walker constantly. I seriously thought about taking Alana and Wade to court to see if I could get joint custody so I could have her here at the house to help all the time. :) Then I realized that it would cost a lot of money in attorney fees and I didn't stand a snow ball's chance in you know where of having a judge rule in my favor. I don't think wanting a live in babysitter is reason enough for the justice system to grant me custody. HA! They are both precious kids and I couldn't ask for a more precious niece or nephew. We did get a chance to take the kids to the Museum of Natural Science and the zoo. The museum was SO.MUCH.FUN. It was the first time I had ever been. I just assumed because it was a museum that it would be boooooorrrriiinnggg but it was the complete opposite. Totally kid friendly which is all that matters to me these days. We were so sad to see them leave but I know they were ready to return to Colorado.

Last Thursday while visiting with Mimi and Papaw Walker got his first BIG boo-boo. He had gone to "help" Marc, David and Papaw move a deer stand into Mimi and Papaw's garage while Mimi and I stayed at Uncle David's. I went to check on dinner and found Marcus looking like Bambie in head lights and Walker screaming bloody murder. I asked what had happened and after a lot of stuttering from the three men, Marcus finally fessed up that he thought Walker might have burned his hand. Ok, so first of all, we all know he didn't "think" Walker had done anything because men don't think. Secondly, he either burned it or he didn't. There was nothing funny about the accident at the time but after praying to God and asking him to help me not strangle my husband for not watching our son like a hawk I can look back and find a couple of funny moments. Like the look on all three of their faces when I rounded the corner. They knew that the that my reaction was not going to be pleasant and that anyone within a 30 foot radius would probably be be taken by ambulance to the ER once I finished cause nobody "lets" my baby get hurt ;) and in the ER when Marcus looks at me after an hour silence and says, "Your never going to let me live this down are you?". He knows me too well because after all, this would have NEVER happened had I been there. ;) God is good like that.
Even though it was an accident and could have happened with me there, I was still furious with Marcus. I didn't say anything to him until I had a chance to pray to God and ask him to help me not be angry with Marcus for fear that I would say something that I would regret. When I finally did start talking to him I couldn't be mad. I tried to be mad, the good Lord knows I tried but I just couldn't do it. Mainly because at some point, while in my care, Walker will fall and need stitches and then well I don't want Marc to hold it over my head cause ya know it's a gonna happen and because my poor husband felt terrible about it. As for Walker's hand he received 2nd and 3rd degree burns but is healing quickly. He has to keep his left hand bandaged 24-7 and has only tried to remove the bandages once or twice. He has been such a trooper. He also came down with the stomach virus Sunday night. He has since passed the virus on to my mother. She wants to blame it on shrimp that she ate because she doesn't believe that her sweet little angel grandson could give her the stomach virus but I'm afraid he did.
Speaking of my mother. We gave her the name Nana when Walker was born. We all knew he would probably come up with something else but we wanted to call her something until he did. Well, this weekend he came up with something. She is now Nonnie or at least that is what Walker is calling her for the time being.
So there you have it the last few weeks. I would post a couple of pics but I am in the middle of cleaning out Walker's play room and haven't even showered today. So since I smell and Walker is half way through his nap I am going to opt to bathe instead of adding a few pics of my precious baby.


Tyanne said...

you are so funny! bill dropped sam on his head when i was six months pregnant which incurred an ambulance ride to the ER b/c sam immediately passed out and scared his mama to death....i still don't let bill hang them upside down!!! I have flashbacks!

Pamela said...

HAAA HAAAAAAA! I know EXACTLY how you were feeling! Two nights ago, Will let Murphy roll off the changing table.......I run in the room to find a bloody nose and a SCREAMING baby!!! I was FURIOUS!!!! Who leaves a wiggle worm for a son unattended on an elevated surface!!!!!!!!!!!?????? Even if it was just to go to the closet for more diapers!!! :)