Monday, July 13, 2009

A Typical Summer Day

Today I ate breakfast off the floor and the foot rest of the high chair like I always do. Cause eating while sitting in my chair is not cool.

Threw a fit when Mommy put me in my jogging stroller. Finally I got in but only after she promised to take me to watch the tractors doing dirt work across the street. She waited until after her walk to take me just like I knew she would. She always bribes me with big machinery because she knows how much I like it.

Then I went to the park. Tried to convince the guy doing the yard work there to let me ride on the lawn mower with him. I kept running after to him but Mom would just catch me and say, "No, No, No!". For some reason she doesn't want me talking to strangers or running after the exhaust of a lawn mower. She must have had a bad experience.

I threw another fit when Mommy made me come inside after being out there for three and a half hours. Once I am capable of turning the door knobs I plan on going out there as much as possible.

I ate lunch.

I watched a little TV in my favorite chair. I let Daddy sit in it when he gets home from work but during the day this is my house and my recliner!!!

Destroyed the playroom while Mommy read me three books and attempted to do flash cards with me. I paid her zero attention because I think education is overrated. I plan on getting through life just flashing my adorable smile. Whenever I smile at Mommy, Nonnie or Mimi, they melt and give me whatever I want. I see no reason as to why this won't work with the rest of the world.

Took a nap.

Woke up and destroyed Mommy's People magazine that she had just gotten in the mail. Thank goodness she had read it during my nap or I would have had to listen to her rant and rave about it. She did however get a little upset because I tore up a picture of some guy she kept calling JFK Jr.

Helped Daddy mow the grass and pointed out any spots that he missed so he wouldn't have to listen to Mommy rant and rave.

I ate some dirt, leaves, acorns, etc. to wash down the peices of Mommy's People magazine that I ate earlier.

Ate dinner and had a bath.

Went in Mommy's closet while she was cleaning up the kitchen and pulled out every pair of shoes she owns. Brought a couple of shoes into the kitchen and hid them in the cabinets next to the corningware. Mommy will find these after I go to bed and she is unloading the dishwasher.

I forced my parents to endure a solid hour of Blue's Clues. I know how much my Daddy loves it. He is a huge fan of Joe's. ;)

Finally I went to sleep.

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