Wednesday, July 15, 2009

While You Were Sleeping

We decided to convert our guest bedroom into a playroom after Christmas because of all the gifts good ole' Saint Nick left Walker. In the two years that we have lived in our home we have had company sleepover maybe six or seven times, since we converted into a playroom seven months ago we have needed an extra bed at least twenty times. That's usually how it goes. Anyway the playroom/office/exercise room has needed a major overhaul so I decided that it would happen this week. This is what Walker's playroom looked like before he went down for a nap yesterday.

I worked on it while he napped, Marc and I both worked on it after Walker went to sleep last night and tonight. When Walker wakes up in the morning this is what he will find.

SO SO SO much better! I still have a mirror to hang and I scored four 8x10 sports prints on Ebay for $25 to hang above the small bookcases. While this room is not exactly what I had in mind for a playroom it will do for now. At least now I'm not embarrassed for people to open the door. Unfortunately the rest of my house has been neglected due to my little project.

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Tyanne said...

That is cute, you both did a great job! Sorry I missed playing at the park this morning, I bet it was fun!