Monday, December 28, 2009

A Christmas We Will Never Forget

Why will we never forget Christmas 2009? Is it because both sets of grandparents, two uncles and one of their girlfriends all came over to watch my baby open presents (talk about a baby who is loved), is it because my husband gave me a gift certificate to Aqua the Day Spa along with a letter that states how hard he knows I work taking care of Walker or because my child who has been walking since he was nine months old spent most of Christmas day crawling courtesy of the blisters on his feet thanks to the hand, foot and mouth virus? We will never forget this Christmas because of all of the above!
What a wonderful week minus two trips to the doctor, a diagnosis of strep, a shot of penicillin and finally discovering that Walker had hand, foot and mouth. I am sorry to complain but it took blaring Christmas music and a lot of praying to get me in the Christmas spirit this week. We did get to spend tons of time with our families and that to me is one of the best gifts of all. The look on my babies face when he saw all of his toys and almost the whole family in the den was priceless! I know that every year is going to get better and better. Walker finally got his "buddin, buddin" and a train table that he adored until I moved in the playroom. He played it with it non-stop while it was taking up the entire living room but once we moved into the playroom he has lost interest. He is now playing with the "buddin, buddin" that still resides in the den. He got a ton of other toys and I spent all day Saturday trying to decide if we should move old toys to the attic, buy a bigger house or just light a match a watch all this burn so we could start over fresh. After much deliberation it was decided that moving into a new home would be way too much trouble and setting it all on fire would result in a few years in prison while Walker lived with grandparents and acquired more toys than all 8,000 kids on the angel tree put together. So we opted for the attic and we are praying it doesn't cave in on us in the middle of the night.
I have all the decorations down and Walker is feeling so much better so life here is back to normal and couldn't be better. Hope your Christmas was merry and bright.

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