Monday, December 14, 2009

Joy To The World!

Although with all this rain I am struggling to be joyful! Sun please come back and shine down on our sweet little state! Thankyouverymuch! From this point on I will not apologize for not blogging. Let's face boils down to the fact that I am lazy and my computer doesn't always upload my to avoid over-working myself or saying four letter words that are frowned upon I have avoided the blog like the plague. Now that that's out of the way here is what we have been up to. I have been decorating for Christmas while Walker undecorates....I have been wrapping gifts while Walker unwraps gifts that don't belong to him.

We have attended three Christmas parties/family functions and have three more to go. Walker is loving all this attention he is getting. He is so full of himself and loves to be the center of attention. I can't imagine where he gets that from. Ahem!

We took Walker to see Santa at Bass Pro and after standing in line for forty five minutes and hearing Walker scream, "HO, HO!" he gets up there to meet Ol' Saint Nick and screams bloody murder. It was horrible and I am now forever grateful that he had a stomach bug and we had to miss our pictues with Santa at the Cupboard. That little bout with diarrhea saved me about thirty bucks and an ton of embarassment because there is no doubt he would have been just as petrified then. At least at Bass Pro the pics were free and we were able to haul booty out of there before anyone realized it was our kid that was screaming at the top of his lungs. Walker is determined that Santa is brining him a "budin, budin". I am not positive on how to spell it but basically he wants a battery operated John Deere Gator. That's all he wants. He wakes up from his nap asking for it, he goes to sleep asking for it, he asks for it when we are in the car, at the dinner table, he is ALWAYS asking for it! So to keep my sanity there is a good chance Santa is bringing it. I have almost taken the rest of his gifts back because I know that once he sees his "budin, budin" all will be right with the world, angels will sing and the other gifts will not matter. I will then spend the three days after Christmas outside while he rides in a circle and my sanity will be lost anyway. It's a lose-lose for me no matter what ;) We are looking forward to being with family and remembering the real reason for the season. I hope everyone will be doing the same. The greatest gift of all is the gift of everlasting life in heaven with our Father.

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