Friday, December 17, 2010

Dear Santa

I am counting down the days until Christmas!!! This year is going to be so much fun with Walker. He literally squeals with excitement when we talk about Santa Claus coming. He makes me read "The Night Before Christmas" and requests that I tell him the "Jesus Story" every night. This is the first year he has been able to tell us exactly what he wants for Christmas. This is his list in his words:
-A Mickey Mouse Fishing Pole from Bass Shop
-Batman Stuff
-Woody and Jessie
-A Big Ole Swing Set
I hope Santa brings him everything on his list.
Now Santa all I want is for my baby to stop growing up so fast.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


It's full of fun exciting things like first steps, first words, sweet slobbery kisses and lots of "I lub do mommy!".
For instance I took Walker to Clinton's Christmas parade Saturday night with our friends and he had a blast! It was his first parade and the marching bands were his favorite! We had a great time until I tried to leave early. Unfortunately for me we were at the end of the parade so when I set out to the parking lot so did the other twelve hundred people who had already seen everything. I won't go there though. I have worked very hard erasing the forty five minutes I spent sitting still in traffic so that I will take him again next year.

Clapping with the band

Avery and Walker

Chaney and Walker

It's also full of not so fun things like, dirty diapers that require squirting your kiddo down with a water hose(yes I have done this. There is no shame in my game), discipline and sick babies. Yesterday I got the experience the not so fun part. Tuesday afternoon we were all three in Marc's truck and Walker asked his daddy if he could have a bullet. Yeah Marc has been known to let Walker play with ammunition cause as he says "It's not dangerous unless he knocks it up against something really hard and in just the right spot....then it might blow up in his hand". Yeah that makes me feel much better. Here son have an entire case of bullets and let's throw in a rifle cause it's only dangerous if you load it and pull the trigger. MEN!!! Any who Walker was begging for a bullet so I tried to satisfy him by giving him a penny. We do this a lot, We give him spare change to put in his piggy bank and then he deposits it in his savings account. We also do this because he is a Rushing and if you know his daddy you know he loves making money and he loves spending money even more...I haven't ever been known to turn down a dollar so he gets it honest. So I give him the penny and oh the excitement! About sixty seconds later I hear Walker make a gagging sound. I look back and the penny is MIA. This is what follows
Me-"Walker give me the penny!"
Walker-"Mommy I can't!"
Walker-"Cause it's in my throat!"
GRRRREEEAAATTT! I was an xray tech before I took my position as Walker's slave so I have seen tons of kids come in because they swallowed something. The mother's are frantic, the kid is screaming. You strip them down, force them to lay on a cold hard table, five people try to hold the kicking screaming kid down, you get the xray and the doctor says "Just go on home. It will pass through in 24 to 48 hours". So you have scarred the kid for life and have to pay out the whazoo because medical insurance is so stinking expensive you have had to raise you deductible to an ob seen amount and it's almost pointless to have insurance...but that's another post for another time. So to spare Walker the pain of another ER visit I asked my friends on facebook what I should do.....because I'm that kind of mom....I also googled it if that makes you feel better...and I was told to just wait it out. So Wednesday morning W wakes up and acts fine until Marc pulls out of the driveway. It is then and only then that he begins to double over in pain, vomit and go limp. I appreciate his confidence in me that I can handle an emergency situation by myself but I really wish he would do this while his daddy is still here so I can at least brush my teeth before we head out to see the doctor. So I call Dr. Myers and her nurse tells me to go straight to the Radiological Group and they will xray him. This is where the fun begins. I load W up and head out. I look in the back seat and he is falling asleep so I say his name and NOTHING!!! I then start screaming his name, he barely opens his eyes then goes right back out. Now I am alone on the interstate, flashers on and I get behind EVERY geriatric patient in Mississippi all on their way to have their annual colonoscopy. While I'm not positive this was the case, they were all over 70, in no hurry to get wherever they were going and they all turned into the Baptist Colonnades so I that's the only conclusion I can come up with. So I call my mom who is 2 hours away. Let me remind you that W is her ONLY grandchild and she literally turns into butter when he enters the room. So I am crying into the phone that I can't keep him awake and she tells me to roll down the window. This works and we make it to the Radiological Group. My mother on the other hand hangs up the phone, begins to go into cardiac arrest because, oh my word her precious angel is sick and she is miles and miles away. They do the xray and the penny is already on it's way out. So I tell Dr. Myers how lethargic W is and she tells us to come in. She knows how hyper he is. It's rumored that she has already moved up her retirement date because she knows she will make a pretty penny off all the visits W will require in the future to treat his ADD. I think she may have even bought some stock in Ritalin or maybe Adderall...We head to her office and as we pull in W says, "Me not need to see Dr, Myers. I feel better!" with his eyes half open and in an almost comatose state. Thank goodness I married a wonderful blue collar hard working fellow who thinks W and I hung the moon because Marc dropped everything and met us there. I'm pretty sure the panic in my voice was a sure sign that if I had to handle anything else alone I could possibly spend the rest of my life at Whitfield wearing a straight jacket. After checking him out and running a few test which all came back negative she said she thought it was just a virus with bad timing. So off to Kroger I went to stock up on chicken noodle soup, crackers and some over priced plastic dinosaurs because there is healing power in a new toy. Mimi and Papaw came over for dinner and we all rode around and looked at Christmas lights. Walker slept with us last night because my mother threatened to call DHS if I didn't let him. You know because with the regular monitor, video monitor and whopping fifteen feet that separate us I may not hear him cry. Finally at eleven we all three crawl in the bed for apparently what Marc and Walker had decided would be the "Snore Off of 2010". As if being kicked in the back while hanging onto the the side of the bed weren't enough I proceeded to lay their and listen to what I thought were foghorns sounding off for the next six hours.
After looking back through my parade pictures I discovered the one below...I can't help but wonder if he caught whatever he has from this toothbrush. Yeah it's one of those that they threw from a float. While it was wrapped in thin plastic it may have not been the best idea to let him gnaw on it. Maybe my mom should call DHS.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Not A Lot of Words

Just a picture!

That I took, which makes it extra special to me! I know at that very moment that he was laughing at his daddy and me. I hope he always finds us funny!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mini Photo Shoot

I just finished my second photography class and wanted to try out my new skills ;) so Sunday after church we raced home, changed and headed to the entrance of our neighborhood to snap pics for our Christmas card. It was fun to try out everything I have learned. I still have so much to figure out especially in the editing department. Maybe one of you can direct my husband to this blog(he doesn't even know the name of it and only reads a post if I make him) and he will see that for Christmas I have a couple of things on my wish list...
This lens or if he reallys loves me and wants to show me I would gladly accept this lens. Oh be still my heart! I certianly wouldn't turn down either one...of course then that would blow my previous post about things we don't need right out the window wouldn't it? Oh a girl can dream right? Anyway back to the pictures I snapped. I set up the tripod and was able to get a few of all three of us in addition to some pretty cute ones of Walker. I have learned one thing in the last few months and that's take as many pictures as you can then go back later and delete the ones you don't want. In a thirty minute time span I probably took over 100 pictures and twelve of them were decent. Walker was a good sport and smiled a few times. Here are some of my favorites. I won't share my most favorite one yet because it is on our Christmas card.

Walker is two going on fourteen. Yesterday we were playing outside when I accidentally knocked one his tractors off his table. He looked at me and said,"that was not cool mom!". He has also started using the word "awesome" to describe everything.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Slap in the Face Courtesy of God

I usually try to keep this blog strictly about Walker so that I can reflect back on all the things he says and does but today is different.
Some of the women from our Sunday school class, including myself, recently finished a Bible study on the book Crazy Love. At the last bible study we discussed ways to help those less fortunate. Not just by providing food and clothing but also witnessing to them. Ultimately, we decided to participate as a class in the Second Harvest Ministry founded by our church. Yesterday my friend Erin and I went to check it out and get a list of the things they need done in order to provide for more families. I must say that when I walked in I was amazed, humbled and ridden with guilt all at the same time. I walked in wearing brand new shoes, jeans and a shirt while carrying a hot chocolate from McDonald's and have never been so embarrassed in my entire life. There were people waiting in line for food because they were hungry...while I sipped on hot chocolate I had purchased because I was killing some time before Erin and met. I didn't need it. I should have taken the $3 I spent on that drink and handed it to someone less fortunate so they could buy food that they NEED in order to survive. The shoes I had on I had bought because they were a "good deal" I couldn't pass it up or so I thought at the time....I should have taken that $35 and bought someone else a pair of shoes because their shoes had holes in them. The shirt and jeans I bought I didn't need. I have more clothes now than I can ever wear. I should have taken that money and bought someone a winter coat so that they don't freeze to death while they are living on the streets. I realized yesterday just how selfish I am. My child has a closet so full I can hardly get things in and out and Monday I was online ordering him more. It's disgusting. I read a post this morning by Pete Wilson and I was reminded once again how ungrateful I am to our God. How I hardly remember to thank him for the fact that I have food in the fridge and my heat is on. Sure I do the whole "thank you God for my many blessings" but when was the last time I thanked him for these things one by one. I can't tell you when because I have so much it would take hours and maybe even days of constant prayer to name them all. I take for granted so much and fail to do for others who don't have food, clothing or water. We had supper club last night with great friends and we discussed the Second Harvest Ministry and the people that they provide food and clothing for. We talked about how you want to give but you hesitate to because in the back of your mind you think "They could get a job if they wanted to" or "how do I know they aren't abusing the system". I think society has made us think this way because we are aware that so many people do take advantage of others. It's reality but I have to remind myself if that were me in that position and my child was at home starving I pray to God that no one would judge me or question my needs. I pray that they would just give out of the goodness of their hearts no questions asked.
We all have too much. I sit in a playroom right now surrounded by more toys than than 20 two years old kids could play with yet I have baby in the next room napping and he woke up crying this morning because he wanted to go to the store and buy another toy. I know he is only two but it's evident that he has been given too much already and it has to stop. He has to know the importance of giving to others and being thankful to God for the things he has. Yes he will still receive presents at Christmas but he will also give someone a present who wouldn't have one Christmas morning. He will know that he is giving it because God wants him to. It's so important that Marc and I start teaching him now to pay it forward and to know while daddy goes to work all day so that we can buy him these things, it's God he blesses Marc with each and every job. I'm pretty positive God isn't blessing us so we can keep it to ourselves and buy the nicest house in town one day with more rooms than we could EVER use or buy the nicest car on the lot. God is doing this so that we can give to others in HIS name. So that we can be a witness of just how wonderful our Lord and savior is and how by accepting him we have a gift that money can't buy and it's the most wonderful and important gift we can ever receive and that's eternal life in heaven. I pray that anyone who reads this will do exactly what I have done and that's step back and reevaluate your life. I'm not saying that you or I should take Friday's pay check and give it to a bum on the street(Unless you pray and feel that is what God is calling you to do) but I should take a portion of it and buy someone a hot meal or donate a bay of groceries to a local food pantry. I should do what God tells me to do with the money that HE gave me. I pray that God will show me how to give willingly and do it not because it makes me feel good on the inside but because it is what he commands me to do. Pete Wilson asked at the end of the post for people to comment and list something they were thankful for...One of the comments on Pete Wilson's blog was from a lady named Melanie and she said:"Shoes. This morning, I spoke in chapel at a local Christian elementary school. As part of my object lesson, I went through our home and collected every pair of shoes that we own, lined them up in our hallway, and took a picture of them. I expected that our family of 6 would have somewhere around 40-50 pairs. We had 82. 82 pairs of shoes for a family of 6 – and one member of our family isn’t even walking yet. I then contrasted that with a picture of a Kenyan child wearing a pair of tire shoes cobbled together with some rusty nails. It’s a pair of shoes that will never fit well and will possibly kill him if even one of the rusty nails punctures his foot. It’s hard to tell if my elementary audience got the point, but I sure did. We’re going to put a cap on the shoe buying here at Chez Freshour for a while and practice thankfulness for the footwear we do have."
Boy did that hit home. I am not going to say that I will never buy another new shirt or a piece of jewelry because I know I will but I pray God will remind me constantly of those who's needs are greater than mine and that I will act on it and I will do it in HIS HOLY NAME. Yesterday God slapped me across the face so to speak and I'm glad he did. I needed it!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What Month Is It?

This month has been CRAZY busy for us and it's not even over yet. We have had so much FUN stuff going on. We took Walker to the fair and met David, Megan and their kiddos there. Then more of our friends met up with us. We had a blast!!! Walker rode the motorcycle ride SEVEN times! Walker thought he was really driving the motorcycle! It was hysterical.

He and I also rode a roller coaster ride together that was not fun at all. I hate roller coasters and I have no idea why I thought I would enjoy this one but I went for it and I regretted it. The look on Walker's face says it all! Sad part is this is before the ride even began :(

Walker and Marc went down the "big yellow slide" and I am stilling trying to figure out who liked it more. Marc or Walker.
We have had several birthday parties this month which have been super fun and still have another one to go to this month.
We also carved pumpkins this year for the first time ever. Walker enjoyed playing with the tiny saw that came with the carving kit. The kid loves anything dangerous. It was a nightmare trying to keep it away from him.

Unfortunately Pawpaw fell and broke his hip so I have spent a lot of time at the hospital with him and my grandmother. He had surgery and is now doing MUCH better! Glory to God!!! I am realizing more and more just how much Walker pays attention to what we say....After all the talk about Pawpaw being in the hospital he came up to me and said,"Mommy I will be right back. I gotta go to the hospital". I asked why and his response was,"My girlfriend broke her arm and I gotta go see her"! LOL!!! Walker has been so precious about the whole thing. We have prayed for Pawpaw several times a day every day. Tuesday I was taking him to MDO and I asked him if there was anything he wanted me to tell Pawpaw when I saw him that day and my precious baby responded,"No, just pray for him. Now mommy!". It was so sweet! He also asked me what I was reading the other day and I said it was a book about God.....His response was "I love God!". It's so amazing...I can teach him his ABC's and how to count but nothing warms my heart more than to hear him sing Jesus Loves Me or tell me about David and Goliath. I get so excited and emotional when I realize he is comprehending just how amazing our Heavenly Father is and I see that he desires to learn more. My prayer isn't that he will be the smartest kid in his class or the best athlete on the football field it's that he will have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
On a lighter note ;)
Walker has figured out how to climb out of his crib even with the mattress sitting on the floor so I guess a big boy bed is in our near future :( I am a little sad about this. It's like as long as he is in the crib he is still a baby. Of course I know even when he is forty, married and has kids if his own he will still be my baby but I just love seeing him snuggled up in his crib at night.
This is totally random but I want to make sure I put this here so when I finally decide to finish his baby book I will write it down. Marc's grandmother came over to visit a couple of weeks ago and we were talking about Christmas. She always gives Walker money as his gift which we deposit into his savings account. She asked Walker what he was going to do with all of his money one day and he replied,"Pay taxes!". I almost fell out! He has no idea just how right he is! ;)

Monday, September 27, 2010

It's The Little Things That Matter

to Walker anyway. I spent two hours yesterday searching every inch of my house for a chainsaw. Weird I know. You would think a chainsaw would be easy to find but you see it's not your usual chainsaw. It's a chainsaw that it approximately 2 inches long.

Walker got sick last Tuesday and was diagnosed with strep that Thursday. While he was sick he received numerous gifts from his Nonnie and his Daddy. They seem to think that gifts will magically cure whatever ailment one is suffering from. It's highly unlikely these new toys cured his strep but all the gift giving did insure that he will fake some type of illness every other day so that he gets more. Anyway, one of those gifts was a four wheeler set from Bass Pro Shop and it contained the chainsaw pictured above. He has played with the chainsaw since Sunday morning. Taking it EVERYWHERE he goes. Monday morning at 3 am I was awoken to the sound of him screaming. Fearing that his fever was back I darted across the house and into his room only to find that there was no fever. He had just lost his chainsaw during the night. As soon as I found the ridiculously small toy and returned it to him he fell right to sleep. The thing is Walker loves little toys like this. He has been known to snatch a barbie accessory or two from his friend Avery when she isn't looking. He also usually only plays with toys that are "realistic" in appearance. He isn't crazy about Fisher Price Little People but he loves the Outdoor Adventure Play sets from Bass Pro.

(This is "boy" he is part of these adventure sets. There is a little plastic man that also comes with them and W has named him "Manny")
He is also obsessed with bolts, washers and screws.

(Look at that dirty hand! LOL!)
Everyday he will ask Marc or I to pick him up so he can look on Marc's shelf in the closet. This is so he can grab any leftover bolts, drill bits, etc that Marc has taken out of his pocket the night before.
These last two pics have zero to do with this post but I thought they were cute. Last Saturday after we got home from taking Walker to the doctor again I stopped at the grocery store hoping to find something he would eat. Well I did! LOL!

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Things You Say and Do

I have been meaning to write this post for some time now so that I won't forget any of this...Walker you are now 28 months old and are talking like crazy! Everywhere we go someone comments on how much you have to say. You can carry on a conversation with any adult or child. You mannerisms are so funny!

Just like your mother you talk with your hands CONSTANTLY! You keep one hand on your hip and tap your foot when your in deep thought or have something important to tell me.

You love for us to tell you stories and to read you stories from your devotional book. Your favorite story is Goldilocks and the Three Bears and your favorite Bible story is David and Goliath. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's your favorite because it involves a slingshot and shooting it at something. You are obsessed with deer hunting, camflauge and guns(not in a bad way) ;) Now at bedtime you try to get out of going to bed by first asking saying, "Mommy I wanna watcha moobie in your bed which you!" because you know I will say ok. Then when your daddy comes in and says that's enough it's bedtime you respond with, "Daddy I wanna watch deer hunting which you. PLEASE!" and he usually gives in. It's amazing that at only two you know how to be so manipulative. LOL! You also love to tell us stories and they usually start off like this, "One time when I was a whittle boy named Walker. It was Sunday and I put on my camAflauge and went deer huntin....". It's hysterical! For some reason you say that everything happens on a Sunday and you also tell us that everything cost $60. We have no idea why. You also NEED everything, "Mommy I NEEED this tractor, Mommy I NEEEED this cookie". It reminds me so much of your Daddy! HA! He seems to NEED hunting stuff all the time. When your daddy takes you to feed deer, you dump out the feed then yell, "Here deer! Deer?!". You also tell us that you bought everything...for instance you will pick up a toy and say,"Mommy I bought dis for you!".
Some of my favorite words that you mispronounce are-
Hanna Clause-Santa Clause
Dr. Coke-I assume this is a mixture of Dr. Pepper and Diet Coke since that's what your daddy and I order when we go out to eat and now when the waiter ask what you want Dr. Coke is you answer.
Bena-Instead of Itta Bena
When asked what your going to be when you grow up you say,"Dr. Rushing"
You have recently started calling me "Mom" a lot and you often shorten Poppy to "Pop"
Nonnie and Poppy have chickens or birds(not sure what category they fall under) that are called Guineas but you call them Skinnies. Now everyone in our family refers to them as skinnies even when your not around.
You still call our dog Cotton by "Cottee" even though you know it's not correct. Anytime I ask you if I need to change your diaper, brush your messy hair or change your filthy shirt you say,"i just fine mom".
There are tons of other things you say that I adore. You are so funny. You have also started to repeat everything you see or hear. I almost hate to tell this cause it's a lil gross...HA! We went to Nonnie and Poppy's for opening day of dove season and when your daddy and Unka Boyd came back you "helped" them skin the birds(gross!) so they could cook them later and eat them(even more gross). Later that afternoon Poppy corrected you for doing something wrong. At the time you were playing with a plastic army knife and you marched over to him and started "cutting" his leg. He asked you what you thought you were doing and you responded,"I'm skinning you 'cause I hungry". As morbid as it was we all just had to laugh because we knew you had picked this up while listening to them talk about the doves. You still love tractors but are staring to get into Hot Wheels. You also have another girl in your life and her name is Kaitlyn Brooks. Kaitlyn is in your Sunday school class and also goes to MDO with you. You have a serious crush on Kaitlyn. You constantly ask when your going to see her. I was loading you in the car to go to MDO the other day and you said you needed to pick a flower. I gave you the go ahead assuming you were going to do what you always do, jerk a few flowers out of my flower bed and shred them but you didn't. You found a hot pink flower and picked it. You carefully brought it back to the car and got in. I asked you who it was for...assuming it was for me and you quickly said,"KaitWyn!". You held it the whole way to MDO and made sure it didn't get damaged. When we got in the building you announced to EVERYONE that you had a flower for Kaitwyn as you call her. By the time Kaitlyn arrived all that was left was a tiny piece but it was the thought that counted. And I will go on record saying you didn't learn that from your daddy. He never picks me flowers.
You constantly say,"I lub you Mom!" and hug my legs at the most random times and it melts my heart EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! When I ask you how much I love you you always say,"Toooo much!".
The potty training has come to a halt. As long as your not wearing clothes you use the potty but the minute we stick clothes on you it's over. You will occasionally tell me you have to go but not consistently so we are going to take a break and start back in November when you are two and a half.
You are truly a joy. You are into EVERYTHING and are going through the terrible two's. I wish I could tape a day in our lives so everyone could really see the crazy things you get into. It's not just one major thing a day...It's constant. For instance the other morning you had a plastic cup outside, you filled it with rocks and before I could say a word you marched into the house and dumped the cup of dirt and rocks all over the coffee table with me running in behind you yelling "STOP!". A little later you picked up what I thought was a twig but you called it a worm. I asked you to bring it closer to me because you did that last summer and it was a snake. Anyway you bring it to me and it a leg, that's right a skeleton of a leg from a dead bird. So in the house we run to sanitize your hands. Later you went into your room and were rocking in your chair, I was about to turn on the vacuum cleaner to vacuum the rocks up when I heard "CRASH" immediately followed by,"I sorry Mommy!" I went in and you had knocked over your bedside table and broken the leg off of it. All of this happened in the time span of about an hour and a half.

There are days such as those that I want to pull my hair out but I wouldn't trade you for all the stars in the sky. And even though you require or rather demand my undivided attention I am so grateful that I get to stay home with you and enjoy all that comes with being your mommy or excuse me, ahem, your MOM!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Operation Potty Training 2010

It's midnight, I am exhausted after doing EIGHT loads of laundry, keeping up with Walker and saying "Do you have to potty" every fifteen minutes so this is gonna be short. I also watched The Bachelor Pad and I am feeling like a rebel so I may not even spell check. Yeah that's right I watch trashy reality tv. Sue me! Now back to the potty training cause it's way more interesting than the bachelor pad. ;) Saturday Walker did great! No accidents, woke up dry from his nap, yada, yada, yada. Sunday not so much. It was kind of touch and go. Today he did FANTASTIC! He even went to the potty without me having to ask. I told him when he woke up if he used the potty all day I would take him to get a surprise. This ALWAYS works with Walker. The last day of swimming lessons I offered him a surprise in exchange for no crying during the lesson and he looked like Micheal Phelps out there. So at six this afternoon I told him it was time to go pick out a toy. Marcus was working late so we were having dinner a lot later than usual and I basically wanted to get out of the house for a few seconds. I take him to Wal Mart and convince him to get a $6 fire truck. We are leaving the aisle and he spots a $25 monster truck that he had to have. So to avoid a total meltdown in Wal Mart during the first of the month I gave in and let him get it. As I am buckling him in his car seat I remind him once again why he was given this toy and I said "Are you going to keep using the potty?" and his answer was "NO!". We arrived home and three minutes later he wets his pants. I just had to laugh. Tomorrow he goes to MMO and I am hoping he does as good tomorrow as he did last week. If not the truck is going into the closet.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Beginning of the End

of diapers that is...or so I hope. Today we started potty training. My plan was to wait until Walker was two and a half before I even started but a couple of days ago things changed. Monday I was putting sheets on his bed and I turned around to find him standing in the hall holding a toy four-wheeler and the four wheeler had, ahem, "muddy" tires. Like REALLY "muddy" tires. His exact words were,"Mom my poor(four) wheeler got mud on it!". Thing is we had been inside all morning so the only way Walker could find mud was to make it himself. So that's precisely what he did. The boy is smart I tell ya. In the middle of the playroom floor stood(I say stood because it's possible it had legs, hair and a heart beat) a big pile of mud aka poop. Unfortunately for him I was not quite as excited about the "mud" as he was. It took me a good hour to clean him, the floor and the carpet. An hour that I will never have back. The four wheeler was thrown in the garbage and after I regained my composure I called Nonnie to tell her what had happened. Nonnie informed that it was time to start potty training him. Not what I wanted to hear! I was really hoping that one day he would wake up, look at me and say, "Mommy today is the day that I start wearing big boy underwear!" and that would be it. And that could have eventually happend. It may have been on his tenth birthday but I was willing to wait. So I have taken my mother's advice(shocker I know) and I went to Wal Mart yesterday and purchased everything necessary to convert our guest bathroom into potty training central and today I showed him the ropes.

If he potties when I ask him to he gets M&Ms.

If he comes to me and says, "I need to potty" he gets a toy.

If he does number 2 he gets a toy.
If you could have seen his eyes light up when I pulled out that basket of toys for the first time!!! It was the same look his daddy had on his face the first time he walked into Bass Pro Shop. Complete and utter amazement!

Now he has been using the potty before bath time for several months now and isn't afraid of the potty. He just hasn't started telling me he has to go. I am hoping this goes well. I am not going to stress out about. If it happens it happens, if it doesn't it doesn't. But for the sake of my sanity I hope it does because I don't think I can clean up anymore "mud"!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Before you go any further...No I'm not pregnant! No we are NOT having twins..Ok! Proceed......
Is is just me or do they look alike?

Lord knows they act alike!
My husband watched Dennis the Menace for the first time last night. I was in shock he had never seen it! I am talking about the one made in the early 90's with Walter Matthau. I went on and on about how i watched it as a kid and it was one of my FAVORITE movies! I kept saying,"I can't believe you have never seen this!" and his response was.."I was out doing cool stuff!". Ummm how cool can you be at age 12? I have seen pictures of him at age 12 and the gold chain he was sporting was not cool. Any who we both agreed that Walker could give Dennis a run for his money!

Guitar Slinger

My parents kept Walker a couple of weeks ago and my mom told me that Walker found an old guitar and had played it all night. My mom went on and on about how he was dancing and singing with it. So when we picked him up Sunday we took him to visit Mimi, Papaw, David and Megan. While we were at David and Megan's house Walker found a guitar in Jake and Baker's toy box. He would not put it down! Megan was quick to tell me that he could have it and that she would love for it to mysteriously disappear. I let Walker bring it home and the next day I slung him off at MDO and made a bee line to Wal Mart to find him a guitar of his own even though Meg said he could have it. I don't want Walker to think that he can prance into some one's house a high jack their toys. I found one and surprised him with it when I picked him up. He hasn't put it down since. Here is a video of my lil' guitar slinger. I would like to mention that he gets his gracefulness and rhythm from his father. BAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Things We Do For A Good Picture

I found a photographer back home and she is awesome! Her pictures are great and her prices are even better! Pictures can be so stressful! I look for months for the perfect outfits, schedule the date, watch him like a hawk for the next month praying he doesn't knock out a tooth, watch the weather channel religously praying it doesn't rain, wrap him in bubble wrap the week of pictures so he won't fall and end up with 8 bruises, curse the weather channel when I wake up to discover it's POURING on picture day, reschedule the date, re wrap him in bubble wrap and then after all this forget to take the kid to get a dadgum hair cut! Of course, I am a tad OCD and this probably doesn't apply to other mothers.
Walker recently had his two year pics taken and once again Mikki did an awesome job especially considering it was 147 degrees outside, the humidity was 218% and the location was crawling with bugs that would frighten even the national geographic folks.
In the end she had taken several great pictures but the following are my favorite and there is a reason why...I always make my mom tag along because she is a great distraction. She doesn't get stressed out. I on the other hand, start twitching and breaking out in hives every time his hair falls out of place. She is willing to watch him while I run back and forth to get his outfits but most of all because she is like me in that she WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO MAKE HIM S-M-I-L-E!!!! We have danced in the middle of downtown Greenwood to the Black Eyed Peas "Boom Boom Pow" and we have played peek a boo to get a grin but this time we topped it all! Even Mikki, the photographer, was laughing. If you know my child or have been around him for more than five minutes you know his world revolves around 3 things: Tractors, buddin buddins(atv's) and deer hunting. That's all he talks about and he shoots anything and everything in sight. He even shoots me when I make him mad. So to get Walker to smile for the following pictures my mother picked up a stick, got down on all fours in her white capri pants, held the stick over her head and crawled along the ground like Bambi while I proceeded to shoot her like I was Jackie Bushman and then she rolled onto the ground and pretended to be dead. Tongue hanging out and all. Walker thought it was HYSTERICAL!!!! and I'm sure anyone else watching thought it was funny or very disturbing. It could have gone either way. Now I don't ever remember my mom doing this for me or my brother. To tell the truth she wouldn't even jump up and down for fear it might mess up her hair but for Walker she will do anything. Even crawl on the ground like deer, sporting antlers made of wood, take a fake bullet to the heart, fall over and play dead. Thanks mom!

Friday, July 9, 2010

26 months

It's been awhile since I since I have done a post about Walker and what he is doing. Since he turned two just a couple of months ago and I am too lazy to walk into his bedroom, pull out his baby book and jot it down I am just gonna type it here for future reference. This means that some of you will have no interest in this whatsoever...and I totally understand.
So Walker at 26 months you are:
-Still sleeping ALL NIGHT LONG. Can I get an "Amen"
-Still taking 3 hours naps. Can I get a "Hallelujah"
-Your vocabulary is out of this world. You can carry on a conversation with me, your daddy, strangers in Wal Mart and yourself. I often hide and listen to you playing in the playroom. It's so fun to listen to you pretend.
-You have a girlfriend. You told me this the other day in the car. I misunderstood and thought her name was Katherine. Ummm no, it's Kaitlyn. Your MDO teacher clarified this yesterday. Apparently you and Kaitlyn are all BFF during play time. Not sure how I feel about this. I know your just two but my mind flashes forward to you being sixteen and saving all your allowance to buy some chick a Christmas present. I'm not looking forward to the day you bring home the girl your going to marry and she has a belly button ring, is wearing too much makeup and has a fake tan in the middle of winter. However if you have the same taste in girls that your daddy does this is exactly what will happen ;)
-You are using the potty but not consistently. You have pooped in it twice. You will do number one if you aren't wearing a diaper or undies but if I cover your bottom and you forget a potty ever existed. Your MDO teacher told me that yesterday you used the potty and if I would bring pull ups she would work on this with you. I almost passed out. Really. It was as if all at once a halo appeared above her head and she had these beautiful billowing wings. I felt like I should tip her or something. If she can help get you potty trained then she will not be getting the usual Yankee Candle at the end of the summer...more like something expensive and shiny. Diamonds perhaps :)
-You are sleeping on a nap mat at MDO so we are thinking about moving you to a toddler bed at the end of the summer.
-You say the blessing before dinner and it usually goes like this-
"Thank you for da food. Thank you for Mommy, Daddy & Walker. Amen"
Two nights ago you did thank God specifically for your roll. This proves you are my child because you share my abundant love for carbohydrates.
-You are getting so tall and thin!
-You love broccoli, bananas, popcorn and dough nuts.
-You have been to the movies twice! First to see Shrek with all of your cousins, Mommy, Daddy, Uncle David, Aunt Meg and Aunt Alana. Then I took you to see Toy Story 3 with Jake, Baker and Aunt Meg. You did GREAT both times.
-You have awesome manners. You almost always say please, thank you and yes sir.
-When I ask you how much Mommy loves you, you reply TOO MUCH! It's adorable. And just for the record that's not possible! I could never in a million years love you too much!
-You are for sure going through the terrible two's and the spanking spoon was recently replaced with a paint stirrer. Those spoons aren't cheap especially when you lose them every other day! Paint stirrers are Fah-Ree when you know the right people. I recently read Don't Make Me Count To Three and it has helped tremendously!
-We are still working on identifying letters, numbers and shapes. You watch videos made by Preschool Prep Company when we are in the car and they are great! It amazes me how fast you learn.
-You love to tell me stories and are always asking me to tell you one. You aren't into reading books or rather having me read you a book. You get bored before I can turn the first page. I also would like to add that you often use this "Tory Please!" as a way to put off going to bed because you know I can't tell you no!
-You love playing with tractors, bulldozers and animals. You would play outside all day if I would let you!!!
-We recently finished your first set of swimming lessons and you did great! I will definitely sign you up again but it will be for private lessons. Not sure that I got my money's worth with you in a group with three other kids.
-You are not afraid of anything and full of energy. You run! This means you almost always have a boo-boo of some kind. Today it's your top lip. You fell while busting a move on the concrete last night.
-My favorite things to hear you say right now are "Mommy where AAARRREEE you?","Uh-Huh" and "ESSS". We are working on you saying "Yes mam" and "No mam" but it's so cute when we ask you something and you respond, "Essss!".I almost hesitate to correct you.
Everyday that passes you become more and more fun. I never thought I could love someone so much but I do and I'm so thankful that God blessed your daddy and I by placing you in our lives. Although there are times I want to hide in my closet, curl up in the fetal position and cry until your daddy gets home.
I love you baby boy! I treasure each moment I get with you and often I remind myself through out the day that you won't be little long. I wish I could stop are growing up way too fast!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


there is this boy
and he has a dog

he loves to torture this dog
this dog loves him

and they are best friends

i use to not like this dog very much just tolerate this dog but now i have a new found respect for her and i have been known to give her my left over steak for putting up with my boy. you see thanks to her i get 10 to 15 minutes of quiet time and for that i will forever be indebted to her.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our First Family Vaca and Father's Day

Marc and I got married and went on a cruise to Mexico for our honeymoon. It's was the worst experience of our lives. I mean worse than 2 in-grown toe nails on each foot, getting a letter from the IRS saying you owe them even more money than you have already paid or everybody in your family having the stomach virus at the same time. All of these have happened to me so I can firmly say our honeymoon was worse than all of them combined. It was so bad on the the 4th day I almost called my grandfather and asked him to charter a helicopter out and pick us up and trust me he would have done it because I am his favorite grandchild and my mother is his favorite child. It's a known fact in our family. The others have accepted it and are fine with it. He will go to the ends of the earth for both of us. So anyway we finally got back on American soil, kissed it and swore we would never travel again. Then 3 weeks later I got pregnant, Walker was born and I saw all of these families making memories.....their family beach pictures, you know where everybody wears white to accentuate their crisp, freshly sunburned skin, and I decided I wanted that so I started planning our trip about two months ago.

We left Thursday headed to Gulf Shores for 3 days and 3 nights. We had the best time! Three days was just long enough...any longer and I would have had my grandfather charter a helicopter and fly me home. No seriously I would have just rented a car and left Marc and Walker there but thank goodness it didn't come to that. There was NO OIL where we stayed, the water was clear, the sun was shining and there were six pools at our resort. Walker loved the ocean. All he wanted to do was frolic in the surf like a mini David Hasselhoff. It was bee-u-ti-full!!!

We went to Alligator Alley and if you haven't been there you need to go! When you drive in it kinda looks low budget and I am pretty sure I heard banjo's playing in the background. It's how do I say it, ahem, a little on the redneck side but once we got in there and the guide started showing us around it was really neat. I have never been that close to an alligator in my life!!! Walker was able to touch a baby alligator. We watched them feed the big ones and it was out of this world!!!! We spent most of time on vacation eating, hanging out on the beach or swimming in the pool. We ate at the hangout(our favorite) and had the best fried pickles I have ever tasted. These things were larrupin'(as my mawmaw would say). We also went to Lulu's. Ummm, yeah an hour and a half wait, tons of people and sand in every crevice of Walker's body did not make for the best time. We went just for the experience..well, we experienced it and I never want to experience it again. We also hit up the outlet malls in Foley! After the Polo store and the Coach store my husband looked at me with fear in his eyes and pleaded with me that we leave ASAP! He was well aware that if I was allowed to roam the tanger outlet mall (aka heaven) for any amount of time unsupervised then he would have to work until he was 375 years old. Seriously he was shaking and has had a tick ever since they rang us up at the Polo Store. After the outlet mall we went to Lambert's in hopes that food would cure the nauseau the purchases at the Coach store had caused him. Lambert's was PACKED. Luckily we got in pretty quick but when we left there were people EVERYWHERE. The food was ok and no one got smacked in the face with a roll while I was there so I'm not sure what all the fuss was about. We then made the journey home. We met up with the in-laws to celebrate father's day.
Speaking of Father's Day...I have mentioned my grandfather a couple of times in this post....He is such an important part of my life. My mom and biological father divorced when I was a tiny baby and we moved in with my grandparents until she married my step dad. My pawpaw is my favorite man on this planet second to Walker. Marc comes in a very close third. I am so thankful to have had him in my life for so many years and now Walker gets to experience the joy of knowing him. I also have to give a shout out to the most amazing dad I hubs! My real dad is the pits so it's so important to me that Walker have a wonderful dad who loves him unconditionally and Marc does just that. They adore one another and for that I am eternally grateful to the man upstairs! He is also an AWESOME HUSBAND!

*probably on my most favorite pics ever of my boys!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Fashion

It's 100 million degrees outside so to stay cool Walker has decided that his summer attire will consist of nothing more than a diaper. My laundry has been cut in half!
He wears a diaper to dig in the dirt

Hunt birds in the backyard. It's safe to safe no animal in our neighborhood will be safe once he gets a BB gun. He shoots EVERYTHING! Seriously, he "shot" me the other day because I told him he couldn't spend another night with his Nonnie. We don't let him watch movies with violence so I can only guess that he is learning this behavior from watching the Outdoor Channel with his daddy.

I love that you can "see" him making the noises in this pic!

But sometimes, late in the afternoon....

He ditches the diaper because even it is too much in this heat. I'm sure the people living behind me think I'm running a nudist colony!