Friday, April 30, 2010

We're Baaaack!

Well we actually never went anywhere but I am struggling to think of a clever title so there ya go. Since the last time I blogged Walker has started wearing deodorant, gotten his learner's permit, graduated from college and is now a successful somethinganother...Not really but he is saying things like, "My butt hurts, wash it!", "EXCUSE ME!", "Cotton poo poos and eats it"...and the list goes on...Seriously my butt hurts! Who is teaching him to say 'butt"?!!! He also corrected me this morning while watching Alvin and the Chipmunks and informed me that they are in fact Alvin and the Cookie Monsters. He doesn't even watch Sesame Street(because he chooses not to watch it. I'm not a horrible parent!). He is talking so much and he keeps me in stitches. He does say sweet things like "I lud do mommy" and "Bless you " EVERY TIME someone sneezes, coughs, burps, grunts or any other bodily function. He is obsessed with tractors and four wheelers. He goes outside every morning and plays with his tractors in his new play area.

It's so fun to watch him. I made the comment the other day that I didn't want him to grow up so fast because this age is so fun and a friend told me that her son is eight and every year she says that. I know it will just get better and better until he turns thirteen, his hormones start raging and some bratty girl with braces becomes the object of his affection. He will be two next week and I am an emotional basket case! I am not ready! He is getting so tall! He is almost as tall as Marcus! I'm kidding, not really. He is wearing 3T and 4T clothing and size 9 shoes! He sleeps like a champ! Three hour naps EVERY SINGLE DAY and TEN HOURS STRAIGHT at night. He can count to ten, say parts of the alphabet, distinguish the colors-red, blue, green, pink and yellow, he knows the following shapes-triangle, square, circle, heart, star and can draw a circle. He can tell you his entire name, mine and Marc's first names and always reminds us to say the blessing before we eat. When asked where Jesus lives he responds,"in my heart" and when asked who made him he says "daddy". He is kinda right. Speaking of daddy, he adores his!He will ask me two hundred times a day where his daddy is to which I reply,"He is at work" and then he says, "I wanna see him!". Then he goes into a twenty minute tale about shooting deer and turkey with his daddy. I took this picture while he was looking out the window waiting on his daddy to come home from work.

He loves broccoli, hot dogs, cakes(pancakes), nuts(doughnuts), sausage, turkey, goldfish or cheddar bunnies, apples, peaches, burgers and his favorite food right now is SHRIMP! It's too funny...Marcus and I get boiled shrimp and crawfish once a week and we always stop and get Walker fried shrimp. He "peels" his fried shrimp just like we peel our boiled shrimp! So when he finishes there are just pieces of the batter EVERYWHERE! He is still a lil' rough with others and doesn't understand what "easy" means. We are working on that. He is ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT A DOUBT ALL BOY! He isn't afraid of anything and he and Cotton have become bff's, which makes me have a whole new respect for dogs.

I absolutely adore him and love being home with him everyday! I can't wait to watch the rest of his life unfold. God has blessed us more than we deserve!