Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our First Family Vaca and Father's Day

Marc and I got married and went on a cruise to Mexico for our honeymoon. It's was the worst experience of our lives. I mean worse than 2 in-grown toe nails on each foot, getting a letter from the IRS saying you owe them even more money than you have already paid or everybody in your family having the stomach virus at the same time. All of these have happened to me so I can firmly say our honeymoon was worse than all of them combined. It was so bad on the the 4th day I almost called my grandfather and asked him to charter a helicopter out and pick us up and trust me he would have done it because I am his favorite grandchild and my mother is his favorite child. It's a known fact in our family. The others have accepted it and are fine with it. He will go to the ends of the earth for both of us. So anyway we finally got back on American soil, kissed it and swore we would never travel again. Then 3 weeks later I got pregnant, Walker was born and I saw all of these families making memories.....their family beach pictures, you know where everybody wears white to accentuate their crisp, freshly sunburned skin, and I decided I wanted that so I started planning our trip about two months ago.

We left Thursday headed to Gulf Shores for 3 days and 3 nights. We had the best time! Three days was just long enough...any longer and I would have had my grandfather charter a helicopter and fly me home. No seriously I would have just rented a car and left Marc and Walker there but thank goodness it didn't come to that. There was NO OIL where we stayed, the water was clear, the sun was shining and there were six pools at our resort. Walker loved the ocean. All he wanted to do was frolic in the surf like a mini David Hasselhoff. It was bee-u-ti-full!!!

We went to Alligator Alley and if you haven't been there you need to go! When you drive in it kinda looks low budget and I am pretty sure I heard banjo's playing in the background. It's how do I say it, ahem, a little on the redneck side but once we got in there and the guide started showing us around it was really neat. I have never been that close to an alligator in my life!!! Walker was able to touch a baby alligator. We watched them feed the big ones and it was out of this world!!!! We spent most of time on vacation eating, hanging out on the beach or swimming in the pool. We ate at the hangout(our favorite) and had the best fried pickles I have ever tasted. These things were larrupin'(as my mawmaw would say). We also went to Lulu's. Ummm, yeah an hour and a half wait, tons of people and sand in every crevice of Walker's body did not make for the best time. We went just for the experience..well, we experienced it and I never want to experience it again. We also hit up the outlet malls in Foley! After the Polo store and the Coach store my husband looked at me with fear in his eyes and pleaded with me that we leave ASAP! He was well aware that if I was allowed to roam the tanger outlet mall (aka heaven) for any amount of time unsupervised then he would have to work until he was 375 years old. Seriously he was shaking and has had a tick ever since they rang us up at the Polo Store. After the outlet mall we went to Lambert's in hopes that food would cure the nauseau the purchases at the Coach store had caused him. Lambert's was PACKED. Luckily we got in pretty quick but when we left there were people EVERYWHERE. The food was ok and no one got smacked in the face with a roll while I was there so I'm not sure what all the fuss was about. We then made the journey home. We met up with the in-laws to celebrate father's day.
Speaking of Father's Day...I have mentioned my grandfather a couple of times in this post....He is such an important part of my life. My mom and biological father divorced when I was a tiny baby and we moved in with my grandparents until she married my step dad. My pawpaw is my favorite man on this planet second to Walker. Marc comes in a very close third. I am so thankful to have had him in my life for so many years and now Walker gets to experience the joy of knowing him. I also have to give a shout out to the most amazing dad I hubs! My real dad is the pits so it's so important to me that Walker have a wonderful dad who loves him unconditionally and Marc does just that. They adore one another and for that I am eternally grateful to the man upstairs! He is also an AWESOME HUSBAND!

*probably on my most favorite pics ever of my boys!

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