Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Fashion

It's 100 million degrees outside so to stay cool Walker has decided that his summer attire will consist of nothing more than a diaper. My laundry has been cut in half!
He wears a diaper to dig in the dirt

Hunt birds in the backyard. It's safe to safe no animal in our neighborhood will be safe once he gets a BB gun. He shoots EVERYTHING! Seriously, he "shot" me the other day because I told him he couldn't spend another night with his Nonnie. We don't let him watch movies with violence so I can only guess that he is learning this behavior from watching the Outdoor Channel with his daddy.

I love that you can "see" him making the noises in this pic!

But sometimes, late in the afternoon....

He ditches the diaper because even it is too much in this heat. I'm sure the people living behind me think I'm running a nudist colony!

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