Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Before you go any further...No I'm not pregnant! No we are NOT having twins..Ok! Proceed......
Is is just me or do they look alike?

Lord knows they act alike!
My husband watched Dennis the Menace for the first time last night. I was in shock he had never seen it! I am talking about the one made in the early 90's with Walter Matthau. I went on and on about how i watched it as a kid and it was one of my FAVORITE movies! I kept saying,"I can't believe you have never seen this!" and his response was.."I was out doing cool stuff!". Ummm how cool can you be at age 12? I have seen pictures of him at age 12 and the gold chain he was sporting was not cool. Any who we both agreed that Walker could give Dennis a run for his money!

Guitar Slinger

My parents kept Walker a couple of weeks ago and my mom told me that Walker found an old guitar and had played it all night. My mom went on and on about how he was dancing and singing with it. So when we picked him up Sunday we took him to visit Mimi, Papaw, David and Megan. While we were at David and Megan's house Walker found a guitar in Jake and Baker's toy box. He would not put it down! Megan was quick to tell me that he could have it and that she would love for it to mysteriously disappear. I let Walker bring it home and the next day I slung him off at MDO and made a bee line to Wal Mart to find him a guitar of his own even though Meg said he could have it. I don't want Walker to think that he can prance into some one's house a high jack their toys. I found one and surprised him with it when I picked him up. He hasn't put it down since. Here is a video of my lil' guitar slinger. I would like to mention that he gets his gracefulness and rhythm from his father. BAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Things We Do For A Good Picture

I found a photographer back home and she is awesome! Her pictures are great and her prices are even better! Pictures can be so stressful! I look for months for the perfect outfits, schedule the date, watch him like a hawk for the next month praying he doesn't knock out a tooth, watch the weather channel religously praying it doesn't rain, wrap him in bubble wrap the week of pictures so he won't fall and end up with 8 bruises, curse the weather channel when I wake up to discover it's POURING on picture day, reschedule the date, re wrap him in bubble wrap and then after all this forget to take the kid to get a dadgum hair cut! Of course, I am a tad OCD and this probably doesn't apply to other mothers.
Walker recently had his two year pics taken and once again Mikki did an awesome job especially considering it was 147 degrees outside, the humidity was 218% and the location was crawling with bugs that would frighten even the national geographic folks.
In the end she had taken several great pictures but the following are my favorite and there is a reason why...I always make my mom tag along because she is a great distraction. She doesn't get stressed out. I on the other hand, start twitching and breaking out in hives every time his hair falls out of place. She is willing to watch him while I run back and forth to get his outfits but most of all because she is like me in that she WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO MAKE HIM S-M-I-L-E!!!! We have danced in the middle of downtown Greenwood to the Black Eyed Peas "Boom Boom Pow" and we have played peek a boo to get a grin but this time we topped it all! Even Mikki, the photographer, was laughing. If you know my child or have been around him for more than five minutes you know his world revolves around 3 things: Tractors, buddin buddins(atv's) and deer hunting. That's all he talks about and he shoots anything and everything in sight. He even shoots me when I make him mad. So to get Walker to smile for the following pictures my mother picked up a stick, got down on all fours in her white capri pants, held the stick over her head and crawled along the ground like Bambi while I proceeded to shoot her like I was Jackie Bushman and then she rolled onto the ground and pretended to be dead. Tongue hanging out and all. Walker thought it was HYSTERICAL!!!! and I'm sure anyone else watching thought it was funny or very disturbing. It could have gone either way. Now I don't ever remember my mom doing this for me or my brother. To tell the truth she wouldn't even jump up and down for fear it might mess up her hair but for Walker she will do anything. Even crawl on the ground like deer, sporting antlers made of wood, take a fake bullet to the heart, fall over and play dead. Thanks mom!

Friday, July 9, 2010

26 months

It's been awhile since I since I have done a post about Walker and what he is doing. Since he turned two just a couple of months ago and I am too lazy to walk into his bedroom, pull out his baby book and jot it down I am just gonna type it here for future reference. This means that some of you will have no interest in this whatsoever...and I totally understand.
So Walker at 26 months you are:
-Still sleeping ALL NIGHT LONG. Can I get an "Amen"
-Still taking 3 hours naps. Can I get a "Hallelujah"
-Your vocabulary is out of this world. You can carry on a conversation with me, your daddy, strangers in Wal Mart and yourself. I often hide and listen to you playing in the playroom. It's so fun to listen to you pretend.
-You have a girlfriend. You told me this the other day in the car. I misunderstood and thought her name was Katherine. Ummm no, it's Kaitlyn. Your MDO teacher clarified this yesterday. Apparently you and Kaitlyn are all BFF during play time. Not sure how I feel about this. I know your just two but my mind flashes forward to you being sixteen and saving all your allowance to buy some chick a Christmas present. I'm not looking forward to the day you bring home the girl your going to marry and she has a belly button ring, is wearing too much makeup and has a fake tan in the middle of winter. However if you have the same taste in girls that your daddy does this is exactly what will happen ;)
-You are using the potty but not consistently. You have pooped in it twice. You will do number one if you aren't wearing a diaper or undies but if I cover your bottom and you forget a potty ever existed. Your MDO teacher told me that yesterday you used the potty and if I would bring pull ups she would work on this with you. I almost passed out. Really. It was as if all at once a halo appeared above her head and she had these beautiful billowing wings. I felt like I should tip her or something. If she can help get you potty trained then she will not be getting the usual Yankee Candle at the end of the summer...more like something expensive and shiny. Diamonds perhaps :)
-You are sleeping on a nap mat at MDO so we are thinking about moving you to a toddler bed at the end of the summer.
-You say the blessing before dinner and it usually goes like this-
"Thank you for da food. Thank you for Mommy, Daddy & Walker. Amen"
Two nights ago you did thank God specifically for your roll. This proves you are my child because you share my abundant love for carbohydrates.
-You are getting so tall and thin!
-You love broccoli, bananas, popcorn and dough nuts.
-You have been to the movies twice! First to see Shrek with all of your cousins, Mommy, Daddy, Uncle David, Aunt Meg and Aunt Alana. Then I took you to see Toy Story 3 with Jake, Baker and Aunt Meg. You did GREAT both times.
-You have awesome manners. You almost always say please, thank you and yes sir.
-When I ask you how much Mommy loves you, you reply TOO MUCH! It's adorable. And just for the record that's not possible! I could never in a million years love you too much!
-You are for sure going through the terrible two's and the spanking spoon was recently replaced with a paint stirrer. Those spoons aren't cheap especially when you lose them every other day! Paint stirrers are Fah-Ree when you know the right people. I recently read Don't Make Me Count To Three and it has helped tremendously!
-We are still working on identifying letters, numbers and shapes. You watch videos made by Preschool Prep Company when we are in the car and they are great! It amazes me how fast you learn.
-You love to tell me stories and are always asking me to tell you one. You aren't into reading books or rather having me read you a book. You get bored before I can turn the first page. I also would like to add that you often use this "Tory Please!" as a way to put off going to bed because you know I can't tell you no!
-You love playing with tractors, bulldozers and animals. You would play outside all day if I would let you!!!
-We recently finished your first set of swimming lessons and you did great! I will definitely sign you up again but it will be for private lessons. Not sure that I got my money's worth with you in a group with three other kids.
-You are not afraid of anything and full of energy. You run everywhere.you.go! This means you almost always have a boo-boo of some kind. Today it's your top lip. You fell while busting a move on the concrete last night.
-My favorite things to hear you say right now are "Mommy where AAARRREEE you?","Uh-Huh" and "ESSS". We are working on you saying "Yes mam" and "No mam" but it's so cute when we ask you something and you respond, "Essss!".I almost hesitate to correct you.
Everyday that passes you become more and more fun. I never thought I could love someone so much but I do and I'm so thankful that God blessed your daddy and I by placing you in our lives. Although there are times I want to hide in my closet, curl up in the fetal position and cry until your daddy gets home.
I love you baby boy! I treasure each moment I get with you and often I remind myself through out the day that you won't be little long. I wish I could stop time...you are growing up way too fast!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


there is this boy
and he has a dog

he loves to torture this dog
this dog loves him

and they are best friends

i use to not like this dog very much just tolerate this dog but now i have a new found respect for her and i have been known to give her my left over steak for putting up with my boy. you see thanks to her i get 10 to 15 minutes of quiet time and for that i will forever be indebted to her.