Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guitar Slinger

My parents kept Walker a couple of weeks ago and my mom told me that Walker found an old guitar and had played it all night. My mom went on and on about how he was dancing and singing with it. So when we picked him up Sunday we took him to visit Mimi, Papaw, David and Megan. While we were at David and Megan's house Walker found a guitar in Jake and Baker's toy box. He would not put it down! Megan was quick to tell me that he could have it and that she would love for it to mysteriously disappear. I let Walker bring it home and the next day I slung him off at MDO and made a bee line to Wal Mart to find him a guitar of his own even though Meg said he could have it. I don't want Walker to think that he can prance into some one's house a high jack their toys. I found one and surprised him with it when I picked him up. He hasn't put it down since. Here is a video of my lil' guitar slinger. I would like to mention that he gets his gracefulness and rhythm from his father. BAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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