Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Things We Do For A Good Picture

I found a photographer back home and she is awesome! Her pictures are great and her prices are even better! Pictures can be so stressful! I look for months for the perfect outfits, schedule the date, watch him like a hawk for the next month praying he doesn't knock out a tooth, watch the weather channel religously praying it doesn't rain, wrap him in bubble wrap the week of pictures so he won't fall and end up with 8 bruises, curse the weather channel when I wake up to discover it's POURING on picture day, reschedule the date, re wrap him in bubble wrap and then after all this forget to take the kid to get a dadgum hair cut! Of course, I am a tad OCD and this probably doesn't apply to other mothers.
Walker recently had his two year pics taken and once again Mikki did an awesome job especially considering it was 147 degrees outside, the humidity was 218% and the location was crawling with bugs that would frighten even the national geographic folks.
In the end she had taken several great pictures but the following are my favorite and there is a reason why...I always make my mom tag along because she is a great distraction. She doesn't get stressed out. I on the other hand, start twitching and breaking out in hives every time his hair falls out of place. She is willing to watch him while I run back and forth to get his outfits but most of all because she is like me in that she WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO MAKE HIM S-M-I-L-E!!!! We have danced in the middle of downtown Greenwood to the Black Eyed Peas "Boom Boom Pow" and we have played peek a boo to get a grin but this time we topped it all! Even Mikki, the photographer, was laughing. If you know my child or have been around him for more than five minutes you know his world revolves around 3 things: Tractors, buddin buddins(atv's) and deer hunting. That's all he talks about and he shoots anything and everything in sight. He even shoots me when I make him mad. So to get Walker to smile for the following pictures my mother picked up a stick, got down on all fours in her white capri pants, held the stick over her head and crawled along the ground like Bambi while I proceeded to shoot her like I was Jackie Bushman and then she rolled onto the ground and pretended to be dead. Tongue hanging out and all. Walker thought it was HYSTERICAL!!!! and I'm sure anyone else watching thought it was funny or very disturbing. It could have gone either way. Now I don't ever remember my mom doing this for me or my brother. To tell the truth she wouldn't even jump up and down for fear it might mess up her hair but for Walker she will do anything. Even crawl on the ground like deer, sporting antlers made of wood, take a fake bullet to the heart, fall over and play dead. Thanks mom!

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