Monday, August 9, 2010

Operation Potty Training 2010

It's midnight, I am exhausted after doing EIGHT loads of laundry, keeping up with Walker and saying "Do you have to potty" every fifteen minutes so this is gonna be short. I also watched The Bachelor Pad and I am feeling like a rebel so I may not even spell check. Yeah that's right I watch trashy reality tv. Sue me! Now back to the potty training cause it's way more interesting than the bachelor pad. ;) Saturday Walker did great! No accidents, woke up dry from his nap, yada, yada, yada. Sunday not so much. It was kind of touch and go. Today he did FANTASTIC! He even went to the potty without me having to ask. I told him when he woke up if he used the potty all day I would take him to get a surprise. This ALWAYS works with Walker. The last day of swimming lessons I offered him a surprise in exchange for no crying during the lesson and he looked like Micheal Phelps out there. So at six this afternoon I told him it was time to go pick out a toy. Marcus was working late so we were having dinner a lot later than usual and I basically wanted to get out of the house for a few seconds. I take him to Wal Mart and convince him to get a $6 fire truck. We are leaving the aisle and he spots a $25 monster truck that he had to have. So to avoid a total meltdown in Wal Mart during the first of the month I gave in and let him get it. As I am buckling him in his car seat I remind him once again why he was given this toy and I said "Are you going to keep using the potty?" and his answer was "NO!". We arrived home and three minutes later he wets his pants. I just had to laugh. Tomorrow he goes to MMO and I am hoping he does as good tomorrow as he did last week. If not the truck is going into the closet.

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Pamela said...

oh boy. I am in the throws of potty training right there with ya :/ This has been my LEAST favorite thing about parenting thus far! Murphy is on and off with it too...they'll get it soon....right??? haa!