Monday, September 27, 2010

It's The Little Things That Matter

to Walker anyway. I spent two hours yesterday searching every inch of my house for a chainsaw. Weird I know. You would think a chainsaw would be easy to find but you see it's not your usual chainsaw. It's a chainsaw that it approximately 2 inches long.

Walker got sick last Tuesday and was diagnosed with strep that Thursday. While he was sick he received numerous gifts from his Nonnie and his Daddy. They seem to think that gifts will magically cure whatever ailment one is suffering from. It's highly unlikely these new toys cured his strep but all the gift giving did insure that he will fake some type of illness every other day so that he gets more. Anyway, one of those gifts was a four wheeler set from Bass Pro Shop and it contained the chainsaw pictured above. He has played with the chainsaw since Sunday morning. Taking it EVERYWHERE he goes. Monday morning at 3 am I was awoken to the sound of him screaming. Fearing that his fever was back I darted across the house and into his room only to find that there was no fever. He had just lost his chainsaw during the night. As soon as I found the ridiculously small toy and returned it to him he fell right to sleep. The thing is Walker loves little toys like this. He has been known to snatch a barbie accessory or two from his friend Avery when she isn't looking. He also usually only plays with toys that are "realistic" in appearance. He isn't crazy about Fisher Price Little People but he loves the Outdoor Adventure Play sets from Bass Pro.

(This is "boy" he is part of these adventure sets. There is a little plastic man that also comes with them and W has named him "Manny")
He is also obsessed with bolts, washers and screws.

(Look at that dirty hand! LOL!)
Everyday he will ask Marc or I to pick him up so he can look on Marc's shelf in the closet. This is so he can grab any leftover bolts, drill bits, etc that Marc has taken out of his pocket the night before.
These last two pics have zero to do with this post but I thought they were cute. Last Saturday after we got home from taking Walker to the doctor again I stopped at the grocery store hoping to find something he would eat. Well I did! LOL!

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Things You Say and Do

I have been meaning to write this post for some time now so that I won't forget any of this...Walker you are now 28 months old and are talking like crazy! Everywhere we go someone comments on how much you have to say. You can carry on a conversation with any adult or child. You mannerisms are so funny!

Just like your mother you talk with your hands CONSTANTLY! You keep one hand on your hip and tap your foot when your in deep thought or have something important to tell me.

You love for us to tell you stories and to read you stories from your devotional book. Your favorite story is Goldilocks and the Three Bears and your favorite Bible story is David and Goliath. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's your favorite because it involves a slingshot and shooting it at something. You are obsessed with deer hunting, camflauge and guns(not in a bad way) ;) Now at bedtime you try to get out of going to bed by first asking saying, "Mommy I wanna watcha moobie in your bed which you!" because you know I will say ok. Then when your daddy comes in and says that's enough it's bedtime you respond with, "Daddy I wanna watch deer hunting which you. PLEASE!" and he usually gives in. It's amazing that at only two you know how to be so manipulative. LOL! You also love to tell us stories and they usually start off like this, "One time when I was a whittle boy named Walker. It was Sunday and I put on my camAflauge and went deer huntin....". It's hysterical! For some reason you say that everything happens on a Sunday and you also tell us that everything cost $60. We have no idea why. You also NEED everything, "Mommy I NEEED this tractor, Mommy I NEEEED this cookie". It reminds me so much of your Daddy! HA! He seems to NEED hunting stuff all the time. When your daddy takes you to feed deer, you dump out the feed then yell, "Here deer! Deer?!". You also tell us that you bought everything...for instance you will pick up a toy and say,"Mommy I bought dis for you!".
Some of my favorite words that you mispronounce are-
Hanna Clause-Santa Clause
Dr. Coke-I assume this is a mixture of Dr. Pepper and Diet Coke since that's what your daddy and I order when we go out to eat and now when the waiter ask what you want Dr. Coke is you answer.
Bena-Instead of Itta Bena
When asked what your going to be when you grow up you say,"Dr. Rushing"
You have recently started calling me "Mom" a lot and you often shorten Poppy to "Pop"
Nonnie and Poppy have chickens or birds(not sure what category they fall under) that are called Guineas but you call them Skinnies. Now everyone in our family refers to them as skinnies even when your not around.
You still call our dog Cotton by "Cottee" even though you know it's not correct. Anytime I ask you if I need to change your diaper, brush your messy hair or change your filthy shirt you say,"i just fine mom".
There are tons of other things you say that I adore. You are so funny. You have also started to repeat everything you see or hear. I almost hate to tell this cause it's a lil gross...HA! We went to Nonnie and Poppy's for opening day of dove season and when your daddy and Unka Boyd came back you "helped" them skin the birds(gross!) so they could cook them later and eat them(even more gross). Later that afternoon Poppy corrected you for doing something wrong. At the time you were playing with a plastic army knife and you marched over to him and started "cutting" his leg. He asked you what you thought you were doing and you responded,"I'm skinning you 'cause I hungry". As morbid as it was we all just had to laugh because we knew you had picked this up while listening to them talk about the doves. You still love tractors but are staring to get into Hot Wheels. You also have another girl in your life and her name is Kaitlyn Brooks. Kaitlyn is in your Sunday school class and also goes to MDO with you. You have a serious crush on Kaitlyn. You constantly ask when your going to see her. I was loading you in the car to go to MDO the other day and you said you needed to pick a flower. I gave you the go ahead assuming you were going to do what you always do, jerk a few flowers out of my flower bed and shred them but you didn't. You found a hot pink flower and picked it. You carefully brought it back to the car and got in. I asked you who it was for...assuming it was for me and you quickly said,"KaitWyn!". You held it the whole way to MDO and made sure it didn't get damaged. When we got in the building you announced to EVERYONE that you had a flower for Kaitwyn as you call her. By the time Kaitlyn arrived all that was left was a tiny piece but it was the thought that counted. And I will go on record saying you didn't learn that from your daddy. He never picks me flowers.
You constantly say,"I lub you Mom!" and hug my legs at the most random times and it melts my heart EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! When I ask you how much I love you you always say,"Toooo much!".
The potty training has come to a halt. As long as your not wearing clothes you use the potty but the minute we stick clothes on you it's over. You will occasionally tell me you have to go but not consistently so we are going to take a break and start back in November when you are two and a half.
You are truly a joy. You are into EVERYTHING and are going through the terrible two's. I wish I could tape a day in our lives so everyone could really see the crazy things you get into. It's not just one major thing a day...It's constant. For instance the other morning you had a plastic cup outside, you filled it with rocks and before I could say a word you marched into the house and dumped the cup of dirt and rocks all over the coffee table with me running in behind you yelling "STOP!". A little later you picked up what I thought was a twig but you called it a worm. I asked you to bring it closer to me because you did that last summer and it was a snake. Anyway you bring it to me and it a leg, that's right a skeleton of a leg from a dead bird. So in the house we run to sanitize your hands. Later you went into your room and were rocking in your chair, I was about to turn on the vacuum cleaner to vacuum the rocks up when I heard "CRASH" immediately followed by,"I sorry Mommy!" I went in and you had knocked over your bedside table and broken the leg off of it. All of this happened in the time span of about an hour and a half.

There are days such as those that I want to pull my hair out but I wouldn't trade you for all the stars in the sky. And even though you require or rather demand my undivided attention I am so grateful that I get to stay home with you and enjoy all that comes with being your mommy or excuse me, ahem, your MOM!