Monday, September 27, 2010

It's The Little Things That Matter

to Walker anyway. I spent two hours yesterday searching every inch of my house for a chainsaw. Weird I know. You would think a chainsaw would be easy to find but you see it's not your usual chainsaw. It's a chainsaw that it approximately 2 inches long.

Walker got sick last Tuesday and was diagnosed with strep that Thursday. While he was sick he received numerous gifts from his Nonnie and his Daddy. They seem to think that gifts will magically cure whatever ailment one is suffering from. It's highly unlikely these new toys cured his strep but all the gift giving did insure that he will fake some type of illness every other day so that he gets more. Anyway, one of those gifts was a four wheeler set from Bass Pro Shop and it contained the chainsaw pictured above. He has played with the chainsaw since Sunday morning. Taking it EVERYWHERE he goes. Monday morning at 3 am I was awoken to the sound of him screaming. Fearing that his fever was back I darted across the house and into his room only to find that there was no fever. He had just lost his chainsaw during the night. As soon as I found the ridiculously small toy and returned it to him he fell right to sleep. The thing is Walker loves little toys like this. He has been known to snatch a barbie accessory or two from his friend Avery when she isn't looking. He also usually only plays with toys that are "realistic" in appearance. He isn't crazy about Fisher Price Little People but he loves the Outdoor Adventure Play sets from Bass Pro.

(This is "boy" he is part of these adventure sets. There is a little plastic man that also comes with them and W has named him "Manny")
He is also obsessed with bolts, washers and screws.

(Look at that dirty hand! LOL!)
Everyday he will ask Marc or I to pick him up so he can look on Marc's shelf in the closet. This is so he can grab any leftover bolts, drill bits, etc that Marc has taken out of his pocket the night before.
These last two pics have zero to do with this post but I thought they were cute. Last Saturday after we got home from taking Walker to the doctor again I stopped at the grocery store hoping to find something he would eat. Well I did! LOL!

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