Thursday, October 21, 2010

What Month Is It?

This month has been CRAZY busy for us and it's not even over yet. We have had so much FUN stuff going on. We took Walker to the fair and met David, Megan and their kiddos there. Then more of our friends met up with us. We had a blast!!! Walker rode the motorcycle ride SEVEN times! Walker thought he was really driving the motorcycle! It was hysterical.

He and I also rode a roller coaster ride together that was not fun at all. I hate roller coasters and I have no idea why I thought I would enjoy this one but I went for it and I regretted it. The look on Walker's face says it all! Sad part is this is before the ride even began :(

Walker and Marc went down the "big yellow slide" and I am stilling trying to figure out who liked it more. Marc or Walker.
We have had several birthday parties this month which have been super fun and still have another one to go to this month.
We also carved pumpkins this year for the first time ever. Walker enjoyed playing with the tiny saw that came with the carving kit. The kid loves anything dangerous. It was a nightmare trying to keep it away from him.

Unfortunately Pawpaw fell and broke his hip so I have spent a lot of time at the hospital with him and my grandmother. He had surgery and is now doing MUCH better! Glory to God!!! I am realizing more and more just how much Walker pays attention to what we say....After all the talk about Pawpaw being in the hospital he came up to me and said,"Mommy I will be right back. I gotta go to the hospital". I asked why and his response was,"My girlfriend broke her arm and I gotta go see her"! LOL!!! Walker has been so precious about the whole thing. We have prayed for Pawpaw several times a day every day. Tuesday I was taking him to MDO and I asked him if there was anything he wanted me to tell Pawpaw when I saw him that day and my precious baby responded,"No, just pray for him. Now mommy!". It was so sweet! He also asked me what I was reading the other day and I said it was a book about God.....His response was "I love God!". It's so amazing...I can teach him his ABC's and how to count but nothing warms my heart more than to hear him sing Jesus Loves Me or tell me about David and Goliath. I get so excited and emotional when I realize he is comprehending just how amazing our Heavenly Father is and I see that he desires to learn more. My prayer isn't that he will be the smartest kid in his class or the best athlete on the football field it's that he will have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
On a lighter note ;)
Walker has figured out how to climb out of his crib even with the mattress sitting on the floor so I guess a big boy bed is in our near future :( I am a little sad about this. It's like as long as he is in the crib he is still a baby. Of course I know even when he is forty, married and has kids if his own he will still be my baby but I just love seeing him snuggled up in his crib at night.
This is totally random but I want to make sure I put this here so when I finally decide to finish his baby book I will write it down. Marc's grandmother came over to visit a couple of weeks ago and we were talking about Christmas. She always gives Walker money as his gift which we deposit into his savings account. She asked Walker what he was going to do with all of his money one day and he replied,"Pay taxes!". I almost fell out! He has no idea just how right he is! ;)

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