Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mini Photo Shoot

I just finished my second photography class and wanted to try out my new skills ;) so Sunday after church we raced home, changed and headed to the entrance of our neighborhood to snap pics for our Christmas card. It was fun to try out everything I have learned. I still have so much to figure out especially in the editing department. Maybe one of you can direct my husband to this blog(he doesn't even know the name of it and only reads a post if I make him) and he will see that for Christmas I have a couple of things on my wish list...
This lens or if he reallys loves me and wants to show me I would gladly accept this lens. Oh be still my heart! I certianly wouldn't turn down either one...of course then that would blow my previous post about things we don't need right out the window wouldn't it? Oh a girl can dream right? Anyway back to the pictures I snapped. I set up the tripod and was able to get a few of all three of us in addition to some pretty cute ones of Walker. I have learned one thing in the last few months and that's take as many pictures as you can then go back later and delete the ones you don't want. In a thirty minute time span I probably took over 100 pictures and twelve of them were decent. Walker was a good sport and smiled a few times. Here are some of my favorites. I won't share my most favorite one yet because it is on our Christmas card.

Walker is two going on fourteen. Yesterday we were playing outside when I accidentally knocked one his tractors off his table. He looked at me and said,"that was not cool mom!". He has also started using the word "awesome" to describe everything.

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