Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Slap in the Face Courtesy of God

I usually try to keep this blog strictly about Walker so that I can reflect back on all the things he says and does but today is different.
Some of the women from our Sunday school class, including myself, recently finished a Bible study on the book Crazy Love. At the last bible study we discussed ways to help those less fortunate. Not just by providing food and clothing but also witnessing to them. Ultimately, we decided to participate as a class in the Second Harvest Ministry founded by our church. Yesterday my friend Erin and I went to check it out and get a list of the things they need done in order to provide for more families. I must say that when I walked in I was amazed, humbled and ridden with guilt all at the same time. I walked in wearing brand new shoes, jeans and a shirt while carrying a hot chocolate from McDonald's and have never been so embarrassed in my entire life. There were people waiting in line for food because they were hungry...while I sipped on hot chocolate I had purchased because I was killing some time before Erin and met. I didn't need it. I should have taken the $3 I spent on that drink and handed it to someone less fortunate so they could buy food that they NEED in order to survive. The shoes I had on I had bought because they were a "good deal" I couldn't pass it up or so I thought at the time....I should have taken that $35 and bought someone else a pair of shoes because their shoes had holes in them. The shirt and jeans I bought I didn't need. I have more clothes now than I can ever wear. I should have taken that money and bought someone a winter coat so that they don't freeze to death while they are living on the streets. I realized yesterday just how selfish I am. My child has a closet so full I can hardly get things in and out and Monday I was online ordering him more. It's disgusting. I read a post this morning by Pete Wilson and I was reminded once again how ungrateful I am to our God. How I hardly remember to thank him for the fact that I have food in the fridge and my heat is on. Sure I do the whole "thank you God for my many blessings" but when was the last time I thanked him for these things one by one. I can't tell you when because I have so much it would take hours and maybe even days of constant prayer to name them all. I take for granted so much and fail to do for others who don't have food, clothing or water. We had supper club last night with great friends and we discussed the Second Harvest Ministry and the people that they provide food and clothing for. We talked about how you want to give but you hesitate to because in the back of your mind you think "They could get a job if they wanted to" or "how do I know they aren't abusing the system". I think society has made us think this way because we are aware that so many people do take advantage of others. It's reality but I have to remind myself if that were me in that position and my child was at home starving I pray to God that no one would judge me or question my needs. I pray that they would just give out of the goodness of their hearts no questions asked.
We all have too much. I sit in a playroom right now surrounded by more toys than than 20 two years old kids could play with yet I have baby in the next room napping and he woke up crying this morning because he wanted to go to the store and buy another toy. I know he is only two but it's evident that he has been given too much already and it has to stop. He has to know the importance of giving to others and being thankful to God for the things he has. Yes he will still receive presents at Christmas but he will also give someone a present who wouldn't have one Christmas morning. He will know that he is giving it because God wants him to. It's so important that Marc and I start teaching him now to pay it forward and to know while daddy goes to work all day so that we can buy him these things, it's God he blesses Marc with each and every job. I'm pretty positive God isn't blessing us so we can keep it to ourselves and buy the nicest house in town one day with more rooms than we could EVER use or buy the nicest car on the lot. God is doing this so that we can give to others in HIS name. So that we can be a witness of just how wonderful our Lord and savior is and how by accepting him we have a gift that money can't buy and it's the most wonderful and important gift we can ever receive and that's eternal life in heaven. I pray that anyone who reads this will do exactly what I have done and that's step back and reevaluate your life. I'm not saying that you or I should take Friday's pay check and give it to a bum on the street(Unless you pray and feel that is what God is calling you to do) but I should take a portion of it and buy someone a hot meal or donate a bay of groceries to a local food pantry. I should do what God tells me to do with the money that HE gave me. I pray that God will show me how to give willingly and do it not because it makes me feel good on the inside but because it is what he commands me to do. Pete Wilson asked at the end of the post for people to comment and list something they were thankful for...One of the comments on Pete Wilson's blog was from a lady named Melanie and she said:"Shoes. This morning, I spoke in chapel at a local Christian elementary school. As part of my object lesson, I went through our home and collected every pair of shoes that we own, lined them up in our hallway, and took a picture of them. I expected that our family of 6 would have somewhere around 40-50 pairs. We had 82. 82 pairs of shoes for a family of 6 – and one member of our family isn’t even walking yet. I then contrasted that with a picture of a Kenyan child wearing a pair of tire shoes cobbled together with some rusty nails. It’s a pair of shoes that will never fit well and will possibly kill him if even one of the rusty nails punctures his foot. It’s hard to tell if my elementary audience got the point, but I sure did. We’re going to put a cap on the shoe buying here at Chez Freshour for a while and practice thankfulness for the footwear we do have."
Boy did that hit home. I am not going to say that I will never buy another new shirt or a piece of jewelry because I know I will but I pray God will remind me constantly of those who's needs are greater than mine and that I will act on it and I will do it in HIS HOLY NAME. Yesterday God slapped me across the face so to speak and I'm glad he did. I needed it!


Sarah Broadus said...

I really enjoyed reading this, such a great testimony and reminder to me that instead of continuing to give to those who have, I need to focus on giving to those that don't. Keep me updated on Second Harvest. I want to help out with you guys!

winstead family said...

wow, i am floored at your gut honesty! my own life is so much the same and i also take too much for granted. thank you so much for taking time to write this post. it's definitely a wake up call for me.