Thursday, December 9, 2010


It's full of fun exciting things like first steps, first words, sweet slobbery kisses and lots of "I lub do mommy!".
For instance I took Walker to Clinton's Christmas parade Saturday night with our friends and he had a blast! It was his first parade and the marching bands were his favorite! We had a great time until I tried to leave early. Unfortunately for me we were at the end of the parade so when I set out to the parking lot so did the other twelve hundred people who had already seen everything. I won't go there though. I have worked very hard erasing the forty five minutes I spent sitting still in traffic so that I will take him again next year.

Clapping with the band

Avery and Walker

Chaney and Walker

It's also full of not so fun things like, dirty diapers that require squirting your kiddo down with a water hose(yes I have done this. There is no shame in my game), discipline and sick babies. Yesterday I got the experience the not so fun part. Tuesday afternoon we were all three in Marc's truck and Walker asked his daddy if he could have a bullet. Yeah Marc has been known to let Walker play with ammunition cause as he says "It's not dangerous unless he knocks it up against something really hard and in just the right spot....then it might blow up in his hand". Yeah that makes me feel much better. Here son have an entire case of bullets and let's throw in a rifle cause it's only dangerous if you load it and pull the trigger. MEN!!! Any who Walker was begging for a bullet so I tried to satisfy him by giving him a penny. We do this a lot, We give him spare change to put in his piggy bank and then he deposits it in his savings account. We also do this because he is a Rushing and if you know his daddy you know he loves making money and he loves spending money even more...I haven't ever been known to turn down a dollar so he gets it honest. So I give him the penny and oh the excitement! About sixty seconds later I hear Walker make a gagging sound. I look back and the penny is MIA. This is what follows
Me-"Walker give me the penny!"
Walker-"Mommy I can't!"
Walker-"Cause it's in my throat!"
GRRRREEEAAATTT! I was an xray tech before I took my position as Walker's slave so I have seen tons of kids come in because they swallowed something. The mother's are frantic, the kid is screaming. You strip them down, force them to lay on a cold hard table, five people try to hold the kicking screaming kid down, you get the xray and the doctor says "Just go on home. It will pass through in 24 to 48 hours". So you have scarred the kid for life and have to pay out the whazoo because medical insurance is so stinking expensive you have had to raise you deductible to an ob seen amount and it's almost pointless to have insurance...but that's another post for another time. So to spare Walker the pain of another ER visit I asked my friends on facebook what I should do.....because I'm that kind of mom....I also googled it if that makes you feel better...and I was told to just wait it out. So Wednesday morning W wakes up and acts fine until Marc pulls out of the driveway. It is then and only then that he begins to double over in pain, vomit and go limp. I appreciate his confidence in me that I can handle an emergency situation by myself but I really wish he would do this while his daddy is still here so I can at least brush my teeth before we head out to see the doctor. So I call Dr. Myers and her nurse tells me to go straight to the Radiological Group and they will xray him. This is where the fun begins. I load W up and head out. I look in the back seat and he is falling asleep so I say his name and NOTHING!!! I then start screaming his name, he barely opens his eyes then goes right back out. Now I am alone on the interstate, flashers on and I get behind EVERY geriatric patient in Mississippi all on their way to have their annual colonoscopy. While I'm not positive this was the case, they were all over 70, in no hurry to get wherever they were going and they all turned into the Baptist Colonnades so I that's the only conclusion I can come up with. So I call my mom who is 2 hours away. Let me remind you that W is her ONLY grandchild and she literally turns into butter when he enters the room. So I am crying into the phone that I can't keep him awake and she tells me to roll down the window. This works and we make it to the Radiological Group. My mother on the other hand hangs up the phone, begins to go into cardiac arrest because, oh my word her precious angel is sick and she is miles and miles away. They do the xray and the penny is already on it's way out. So I tell Dr. Myers how lethargic W is and she tells us to come in. She knows how hyper he is. It's rumored that she has already moved up her retirement date because she knows she will make a pretty penny off all the visits W will require in the future to treat his ADD. I think she may have even bought some stock in Ritalin or maybe Adderall...We head to her office and as we pull in W says, "Me not need to see Dr, Myers. I feel better!" with his eyes half open and in an almost comatose state. Thank goodness I married a wonderful blue collar hard working fellow who thinks W and I hung the moon because Marc dropped everything and met us there. I'm pretty sure the panic in my voice was a sure sign that if I had to handle anything else alone I could possibly spend the rest of my life at Whitfield wearing a straight jacket. After checking him out and running a few test which all came back negative she said she thought it was just a virus with bad timing. So off to Kroger I went to stock up on chicken noodle soup, crackers and some over priced plastic dinosaurs because there is healing power in a new toy. Mimi and Papaw came over for dinner and we all rode around and looked at Christmas lights. Walker slept with us last night because my mother threatened to call DHS if I didn't let him. You know because with the regular monitor, video monitor and whopping fifteen feet that separate us I may not hear him cry. Finally at eleven we all three crawl in the bed for apparently what Marc and Walker had decided would be the "Snore Off of 2010". As if being kicked in the back while hanging onto the the side of the bed weren't enough I proceeded to lay their and listen to what I thought were foghorns sounding off for the next six hours.
After looking back through my parade pictures I discovered the one below...I can't help but wonder if he caught whatever he has from this toothbrush. Yeah it's one of those that they threw from a float. While it was wrapped in thin plastic it may have not been the best idea to let him gnaw on it. Maybe my mom should call DHS.

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