Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I will never talk smack about Auburn again

I spent most of Monday night watching the National Championship. I was hoping Oregon would pull it off because I am an Ole Miss fan. You can't be an Ole Miss fan and pull for Auburn. Blame Tommy Tuberville. After sending some of my in-laws a few text messages that read "It's true money can buy you anything including a BCS national championship", yada, yada, yada...I crawled into bed. I needed sleep desperately. Walker had the stomach virus Saturday night and had finally stopped puking around 3 am Sunday morning. I felt sure by Monday night I wasn't going to catch it and inhaled five double stuff oreos and a glass of milk before saying my prayers and drifting off into la la land. I was wrong. I can only assume that my in laws have voodoo dolls and they wanted me to pay for my remarks about Auburn because at 3 am I woke up on the brink of death. Oh my word...I was so sick. I managed to find a bottle of phenergan and began popping them like pretzel m&m's. I puked my guts up until seven last night. It was so bad Marcus came home from work to watch Walker because he knew I couldn't handle it. I am finally seeing the light of day and it's as if Walker wants to punish me for missing one day of "work". He is begging me to take him to my parents house, telling me he doesn't like me get my drift. I can barely focus enough to type this much less drive him to my parents house two hours from here. I am so close to going all Joan Crawford on him...Please oh please let today end soon....

Monday, January 3, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Christmas 2010 was the best so far! We were so busy but I enjoyed every minute of it. We had NINE family functions to go to the week of Christmas. I won't hit them all because honestly it would exhaust me to relive the whole thing. Christmas Eve was tons of fun at Mimi and Papaw's. The boys(Walker, Jake and Baker) filled the room with squeals of laughter and pretend gunfire. Hey it ain't Christmas in Mississippi unless three boys are running around saying things like, "I saw a buck coming down that ridge and I shot him in his guts" or "I see bad guys, lets shoot 'em and skin 'em". Thanks Micheal Waddell and Real Tree! My child wouldn't know what guts were if it weren't for you and the quality entertainment you provide.

After we got home from Mimi and Papaw's there was the daunting task of getting Walker to sleep. I don't know who slipped the methamphetamine in Walker's juice but he was like a cat on crack. I'm talking climbing the walls! Finally he drifted off into dreamland and Santa made his stop. It was all gravy until one of Santa's elves hacked off a string on the batman cave because as he put it,"I thought it was part of the box!". Well it wasn't and tears filled my eyes as I mouthed,"Great! You have ruined Christmas!!!!!". After I retreated to the bathroom and pulled myself together I realized I was suffering from exhaustion and buyer's remorse because it seriously looked an eighteen wheeler hauling a load to Toys R Us crashed into our living room. We managed to rig the batman cave and all was right with the world. After everything was set up I attempted to go to sleep. My attempt was in vain. I NEVER closed my eyes Christmas Eve. I was WAY too excited. You see there had been a swing set in my backyard for five days and I had managed to keep it hidden from W. I laid there imagining what his reaction would be when he saw it. I COULD not wait for him wake up Christmas morning. So finally at 5 am I crawled out of bed and showered, started breakfast and waited on my parents and brother to arrive(they get up at 5 and drive down here every Christmas morning to see what Santa brought W). We got the cameras set up and W finally walked out of his room. It was so much fun. He kept saying, "What is this?" and "Did Hanna Claus get this for me?".

It meant so much to me that my parents and brother were here. After he saw everything Santa left inside we went outside to surprise him with the swing set. It was PERFECT! I have watched the video at least a hundred times. He ran up it and said "It's so pretty!". Unfortunately it forty three degrees below zero so he didn't get to play long.

After we ate breakfast and got everything picked up we all went to my Mawmaw and Pawpaw's. By this time I was a zombie and was calling everyone by the wrong name. I had started to drool and my eyes kept rolling back in my head so I don't remember much. We then went back home for a nap and to prepare dinner. Mimi and Papaw came over to see what all Santa brought. After we finished dinner I went into the laundry room to get something and discovered that Santa forgot to put a present out. This present has been taking up every inch of free space I had in my laundry room(which isn't much) and for the last two weeks I all I could say when I walked in there was, "I can't wait for Santa to come so he can get this STUPID present outta here!!!". Well Santa is an idiot! Thank goodness Santa was able to drop it off at our front door before heading back to the North Pole. After that we got much needed sleep and woke up the next morning bright and early so we could go to Nonnie and Poppy's. They gave Walker a four wheeler and even more toys!

Walker finally finished up his Christmas there. For Christmas is a huge reminder of just how blessed we are. Not because we have tons of gifts laying everywhere but because we have a family that loves one another unconditionally and most importantly we have a Heavenly Father who loves us more than any family member ever could. HE loves us despite the fact that we are flawed and fail each day. HE is always there and HE is the reason for the season. It's taken me over a week to recover! I can't believe we do this all over again in less than twelve months!