Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I will never talk smack about Auburn again

I spent most of Monday night watching the National Championship. I was hoping Oregon would pull it off because I am an Ole Miss fan. You can't be an Ole Miss fan and pull for Auburn. Blame Tommy Tuberville. After sending some of my in-laws a few text messages that read "It's true money can buy you anything including a BCS national championship", yada, yada, yada...I crawled into bed. I needed sleep desperately. Walker had the stomach virus Saturday night and had finally stopped puking around 3 am Sunday morning. I felt sure by Monday night I wasn't going to catch it and inhaled five double stuff oreos and a glass of milk before saying my prayers and drifting off into la la land. I was wrong. I can only assume that my in laws have voodoo dolls and they wanted me to pay for my remarks about Auburn because at 3 am I woke up on the brink of death. Oh my word...I was so sick. I managed to find a bottle of phenergan and began popping them like pretzel m&m's. I puked my guts up until seven last night. It was so bad Marcus came home from work to watch Walker because he knew I couldn't handle it. I am finally seeing the light of day and it's as if Walker wants to punish me for missing one day of "work". He is begging me to take him to my parents house, telling me he doesn't like me get my drift. I can barely focus enough to type this much less drive him to my parents house two hours from here. I am so close to going all Joan Crawford on him...Please oh please let today end soon....

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